He would pass semi-solid stools with mucus and blood admixed about 8-10 times daily

32 year old male, Mr. P. V. (Patient reference number L6292) reported to the clinic for complaints of Ulcerative Colitis since three and a half years. He would pass stools about 8-10 times daily and the stools would be semi-solid in consistency. Ther would be mucus and blood along with the stools. His complaints were aggravated by having spicy and fried foods and in the morning. He also complained of crampy pain in the lower abdomen before passing stools. He did not have any complaints of weight loss or fever or any other accompanying symptoms. He was on conventional treatment since an year but there was no improvement. On Colonoscopy done six months back, it was confirmed as Procto-Sigmoiditis.

He had a normal appetite and was fond of spicy food and chicken. He had quit taking alcohol since the an year. He was sensitive to cold in general and would be more comfortable in the warm climate.

He was a navy lieutenant commander and his family included his wife and his 5 months old son. He was a sober, polite and a sensitive person. He mentioned that he would be quite stressed when he would be out on the ship due to night shifts. He said that he would feel hurt easily, especially when someone would shout at him. He would not like it if someone would be upset with him for whatsoever reason. He would prefer to talk to his friends or family whenever he would feel upset about anything. He liked to be in the company of people rather than being alone. He said that his wife described him as a short-tempered person; he would get angry easily but he would also calm down soon. He did not have any major fears of any kind or any anxiety. He would generally not express his emotions by weeping except when there would be some major issue; at such times he would prefer to be alone when weeping or in the company of someone close to him. He would feel better on being consoled when weeping.

He had history of mild hypertension in the past for which he had received medication; later the medicines had been stopped and when he reported to us, he was not on any hypertensive medication and his blood pressure was normal.

His father had suffered from a cerebro-vascular accident (CVA) and apart from this, there was no history of any major illness in the family.

When he approached Life force for homeopathic treatment, he was already on Entofoam enema daily along with T. Sazo 6 daily.

Based on the above history, he was prescribed Argentum Nitricum 200 along with a dose of Carcinosin
200. He reported a month later saying that the frequency of stools had only marginally reduced but the stools were better formed than before. Mucus with the stools had reduced and bleeding was very occasional. The pain in the abdomen had not improved so far. The treatment was continued on similar lines and another remedy Mercurius Solubilis 200 was added this time. Another 8 weeks later, his complaints were still better than before and the frequency of stools was almost 50% better now. With continued medication on the same lines, he was able to start tapering the dose of T. Sazo now and his health continued to improve. By the time he completed one year of treatment, he was about 80% better than before and on the minimal dose of T. Sazo, which he eventually stopped in another month's time. His treatment was continued for some more time for further improvement and thereafter it was concluded. He was asked to follow regular diet instructions and was told to report to us in case he developed any problems any time in future.

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