Frequent Episodes Of Migraine & Allergic Rhinitis Treated Effectively At Life Force Homeopathy

35-years-old Mrs. SSS (PIN 33203) visited Life Force Mulund clinic in August 2017 for the treatment of a Migraine and Allergic Rhinitis. She was referred by one of our old patients, who got a complete relief from a Migraine with the treatment at Life Force Homeopathy. 

Mrs. SSS was suffering from a migraine for almost 5-6 years. She used to experience severe throbbing or hammering headache either on the left or right side of the temple at least once in 15 days, and it would last for 1-2 days. Her episode of a migraine used to get triggered due to the change of weather, exposure to the sun, on empty stomach, traveling, or due to the stress. 

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The acute episode of her migraine used to start classically with aura, where she would experience intolerance on light and noise and heaviness in the head before the actual pain would start. Her headache used to start in the afternoon and it would increase to the maximum by the evening. During an acute episode, she would experience throbbing or hammering kind of pain on either side of her temples. The pain would be associated with nausea and occasional episodes of vomiting. She used to experience an intolerance to the light and loud noise. She would feel irritated about small issues or at the slightest noise. She would prefer to be alone due to a severe headache and irritability. Her pain used to get aggravated due to the loud noise, bright light, and on talking. She would feel better by the application of cold pack on her head, being in a cold room, and by taking rest. 

She was not on any medication, and her quality of life was affected significantly due to the frequent episodes of a migraine. 

Mrs. SSS was suffering from allergic rhinitis since her childhood. She was allergic to the dust. Daily morning, she would suffer from sneezing 15-20 times at a time and a running nose. The episode would last for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes, sneezing would start in the middle of the night and her sleep would get disturbed due to that. 

There was no significant family history of any major illness. 

She would prefer a mixed diet and would love to eat the fish and fried food. She was a housewife staying with her husband, who was running his own business, and her 2 daughters. She was a sensitive lady. She would get irritated on small issues and would weep easily when she would get hurt. 

After going through the case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 30 along with other research-based medicines to the patient. 

On 6th October 2017, the patient visited the clinic for the first follow-up. Her migraine was better by 50%-60%. The frequency of acute episode was reduced to once in a month. Though the duration of the episode was same as earlier, the intensity of her pain was very less. Nausea was reduced, and there was no episode of vomiting during her acute episode. The intensity of other symptoms, like intolerance to light and noise, was very mild. Her irritability had also reduced significantly. The patient also reported 50%-60% improvement in relief from allergic rhinitis. The patient continued the medicine prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In December 2017, there was further improvement in her condition. Her migraine was better by 75%. Her allergic rhinitis was better completely. The patient didn’t suffer from the early morning sneezing or running nose in the last 2 months. 

In February 2018, the patient reported a further improvement in her condition. The frequency of her episodes of a migraine was reduced to once in 2 months and the duration was reduced to just 1-2 hours. The intensity of her episode was very mild. The patient reported that there was only a mild headache once without any associated symptoms of a migraine. The patient didn’t suffer from an episode of sneezing or running nose anymore. Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine as per feedback of the patient. 

In the recent follow-up on 23rd April 2018, the patient was completely free from acute episodes of a migraine and allergic rhinitis. Though she complained of a mild headache after exposure to the sun, it lasted just for a few minutes without any associated symptoms of a migraine. The patient was very happy with the improvement.


The homeopathic treatment for a migraine is based on the individual case study of the patient's disease, its causative factors, the genetic pattern, mindset, and other factors. Homeopathic medicines correct the psychosomatic pathways and disposition of the patient, in turn treating migraine from within and offer a long-term relief without any side-effects. 

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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