Frequent colds since twenty years completely recovered in just two months with homeopathy!!

A fifty year old stock broker from Mumbai, Mr. N. B. S. (Patient Identification Number: 21173), visited Life Force on 1st June, 2013 for the treatment of frequent colds that he was suffering from since past twenty years. He complained of running nose, headache, irritation in throat and dry cough whenever there was a change in the weather. He was allergic to perfumes and fruits, specifically orange. He suffered from cold two to three times in a month and every episode of cold lasted for one to two days. Patient had been taking anti allergic medicines at least twice in a month since past 15-20 years with no relief.

He was of an average build. He was vegetarian by diet. His appetite was average and he had a strong liking for sweets. His thirst was normal. He had a tendency to generalized profuse perspiration. He was sensitive to extremes of weather. His bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal.

He was an expressive person with high confidence level. There was no major stress in his life.

There was no significant family history except his father suffering from high blood pressure.

Dr. Shah studied his case and prescribed medicines for six weeks.

He visited clinic for his first follow up on 18th July 2013. He informed that he was much better. He was surprised to see the quick results with homeopathic medicines. "Never had a sneeze in last six weeks after taking medicines" were his words in the first follow up. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription and gave medicines for two months.

After almost a year, he visited Life Force again for the treatment of his daughter. He informed that he was doing very well after the treatment at Life Force. He had just one or two episodes in past six months. It was of much lesser intensity and that he was no more allergic to perfumes.

This case is a wonderful example of how rapidly homeopathy works. Homeopathy not only relieved twenty years old complaint of frequent colds in a short period but it also helped in regularizing patient’s hypersensitivity towards change in weather and perfumes & other allergens.

(Uploaded on 19th September 2015 by Dr A. U.)

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