Frequent colds and sinusitis reduced drastically in 38 years old gentleman, using homeopathy

A 38 years aged gentleman Mr. V.S.M. (Patient Identification Number 12716) reported to the center on 30 September 2009. He was suffering from recurrent allergic rhinitis with recurrent sinusitis. He had these complaints since the last 10 years. He would get episodes every 2-3 weeks. Each episode would last for 7-10 days. It would start with a running nose, sore throat and cough. In three to four days the nasal discharge would become thick, yellowish-greenish and by the end of the week he would feel pain in the maxillary and frontal sinus. He would also suffer from postnasal drip. He would also have hoarseness of voice.

He was working in an oil refinery and all the symptoms had started after daily exposure to the pollution and early morning cold air. He would get colds after a change in the weather, change in place, exposure to dust, in the air conditioner, and after exposure to strong smell. He would feel severe weakness, whenever he had colds. He had become tired of it and begged for relief with homeopathy. He was some how managing with anti-histamines which caused drowsiness.

His case was studied in detail. He had a craving for sweets and meat. He had profuse perspiration. He was sensitive to the cold weather.

When inquired about his nature, he gave detailed information. He said that he was a very hyper-reactive restless person. He was volatile and could land up with arguments and quarrels even for minor things. Even his boss had suggested that this nature was obstructing his progress. He was basically very excitable and short tempered. He was quarrelsome and argumentative. He would not tolerate injustice. Later on he realized that these qualities were not appreciated and he had to channelize his energy. So he started meditation to control himself.

He was an extrovert; he was bold and was always ready to take risks. He was now happy go lucky. He had good relations with his wife. He was tall and well built very energetic. He was a sports person and played cricket, he was the team captain.

In the past when he would be angry or excited, he would get flushing. Anger would lead to heat sensation in the upper part of the body.

He had a family history of allergy and asthma. His father also suffered from allergic rhinitis and his maternal aunt was asthmatic.

Dr Shah examined him and asked him in more detail about a few symptoms and then prescribed Ferrum-Phosphoricum 30c and Thuja occidentalis 30c.

He reported on 4 November 2009. He was better by 10-20 %. Dr Shah upgraded the dose and prescribed the medicine in 200c potency.

He reported again on 5 January 27, 2010. He reported 60 % relief in all his symptoms. The sneezing was much less. The colds were much less. The recurrent of throat pain was much better. He did not get any sinusitis in the last two months. Dr Shah attended him and prescribed the next batch of medicines. He reported again on 3 March 2010. He was completely free of colds and sinus trouble.

Patient reported to the center on 9 January 27, 2012. He was in perfect health.
He had not suffered from colds in the last two years.

He had come with the symptoms of acidity since 2 days. He was given some acute medicines for acidity. He met Dr Shah and expressed his gratitude. He also gave a testimonial about the beneficial effects of homeopathy.

(Case study by Dr AP, 27Jan2012)

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