Fissure-In-Ano Treated Successfully with Homeopathy

This is the case of Mr. U. S (Patient Ref. No. H-26503) a twenty-five years old male patient who reported to the clinic, with complaints of pain in the anal region since two years. He would get shooting pains in the anal region, that would last the whole day. The pain would get worse during and after stool. He would also experience increased intensity of pain while sitting, traveling, at night and early morning. Application of hot water would relieve the pain to some extent. There would be some amount of bleeding along with the passage of stools. Also, he felt swelling which came out during passing stool and goes inside after sometimes. There was no history of the passage of mucus with the stools. Bowels would be constipated in the initial part of stool followed by soft stool and he would have to strain much to pass even the soft stool.

His appetite was normal and he disliked sweets. Thirst was normal around 3-4 liters per day. He would be comfortable in cold weather and could not tolerate warm atmosphere. He perspired profusely on forehead and hands. Constitutionally, he was tall and little flabby.

 He came from a high-class family and he was into real estate, having his own firm. He has a good family, loving parents and was not married yet. He had three sisters and they were all settled. He lived with his parents in Noida. He had good friends and there was no stress.
He was an anxious person by nature and thought a lot about life. 

He had suffered from malaria and dengue in the past and his father had hypertension and grandfather died due to a heart attack. He sometimes had high blood pressure problem too.

The patient had been on allopathic (T. Cepodem xp, T. Sumo for pain relief, there is one LOX belly and Annovate ointment. He also took Lactifiber at night and had taken Ayurvedic treatment for fissure in the past He had also been advised to go in for surgery, but he was not in favor of surgery and so he decided to opt for homeopathy as the last option. 

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Dr. Shah went through the entire case. Dr. Shah prescribed him Sulphur 30 along with his research-based molecules to address Fissure in ano and constipation

Two months later, the patient visited for the first follow up on 15th Dec 2015, he reported that he had an episode of bleeding due to rupture of fissure seven days before and he had taken T. Sumo and T. Cepodem XP twice for five days along with homeopathic medicines. Dr. Shah prescribed upgraded his medicines for two months.

In the subsequent follow-up on 13th Feb 2015, the disease had stopped progressing further. Constipation and bleeding had subsided on their own under the effect of the ongoing medication. He gave follow-ups regularly and medicines were sent to him promptly.

In the subsequent follow-up of next six months, the patient had shown great improvement up to 80-90% in his complaint of fissure in ano and Constipation. There was no episode of bleeding during stool. No pain during and after stool. No burning at all. The patient was very happy with the treatment. Meanwhile he renewed his subscription further to rid of his complaint permanently. 

In the month of October, he had a minor breakdown of fissure which led to bleeding due to the changes in lifestyle but the pain, constipation, burning was of less intensity and duration, which was taken care by the homeopathic medicines. The patient had not taken any allopathic medicines.

At the end of one year, the patient stated that he had completely got rid of the fissure now. He is continuing the medicines to recover completely and has complete faith in Dr. Shah and Life Force.


The prognosis of Fissure in ano and Constipation depends on several factors like Food habits, Lifestyle, Stress, Water intake etc. In this case, long-standing Fissure and Constipation which was responding temporarily to allopathic treatment with recurrence got better by homeopathy. It shows that homeopathy has good scope in these type of complaint by preventing recurrences and giving complete recovery even better than Allopathy.

Case study done by Dr. Dhanashree Bhosale on 12.10.2016

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