Fifty nine years aged elderly woman Mrs. B.M.L., She was suffering from LP since the last six months

Fifty-nine years aged elderly woman Mrs. B.M.L. [PIN 15425] reported to the center for the treatment of Lichen Planus. She was suffering from LP since the last six months. The lesions were located on her ankles, feet and low back. However in the last two months, they had begun to spread on her hands, legs, and abdomen. She experienced severe itching and burning sensation. She felt uncomfortable in the sun and heat. Her itching was more in the night. She did not have oral LP.

lichen planus on hand

She had a complaint of low back pain, for which she had consumed painkillers. The Lichen Planus had triggered after the consumption of painkillers (NSAID). She was on Atenolol for high blood pressure since a long time. (Atenolol is a beta-blocker). She was more tolerant to the winter than the summer.

She was a homemaker. She stayed with her husband and son and daughter in law.

She was very anxious by nature. She was worrisome. She was very attached to her family members. Her son was married since the last five years. However he was not having an offspring. This made the patient worry a lot. If her relative were unwell, she would get anxious and worry and pray for their well-being. She was weepy by nature. She was very caring and affectionate. She had very good relations with her daughter in law. She is like my daughter! She described her husband as very mature and understanding.

on stomach lichen planus

She had a craving for sweet and spicy food.

Her parents had suffered from high blood pressure.

Dr Shah examined the patient and advised her to change the blood pressure medicine (beta blockers should be avoided in LP).

He advised her to avoid painkillers. (Painkillers trigger Lichen Planus)

Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed Kali Iodum 30 C.

The patient was followed up every eight weeks. She made steady improvement and was totally cured in a span of six months.

Uploaded by Dr. AP on 2 nd Dec 2011

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