Extensive Lichen Planus case treated successfully in 10 months treatment..continuing treatment for marks

Mrs. M.M 58 years old female (Patient identification no- 13255) registered as an online patient for the treatment of Lichen Planus. She gave her case details by filling elaborate answers to the questionnaire sent to her.

lichen planus on hand

She had extensive lichen planus since 2.5 years which was first noticed on the legs which spread all over the body; mostly on the abdomen, buttocks, legs, thighs, ankles, knees and hands. She had severe itching and burning and she would scratch till it becomes raw.

In medical history she had mentioned that she was suffering from hypertension since the past 15 years and she was on regular antihypertensive medicines.

Emotionally she described herself as Earlier I was a hyper, type A personality and an over achiever, ever since I have became an empty nester and have accomplished all towards my family which used to keep me from thinking excessively about myself or any disappointments, my health started deteriorating, I became depressed and anxious. I have everything I could possibly ask for yet I remain anxious. Disappointments and hurts caused by others actions towards me which hurt me intensely: I internalize all these emotions. I could not change my sentiments but keep absorbing and getting more and more hurt.

lichen planus on leg

She had a marked desire for sour food and aversion to milk products. Thermally she was hot with profuse perspiration all over the body.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her our research based medicine along with her constitutional medicine.

At the 2 months follow up Mrs. M.M reported that the active lesions on her hands and abdomen has reduced considerably (about 30%)and the lesions on other parts of body were the same, however new lesions were not seen, She was happy to notice that her burning pain and discomfort has reduced considerably.

lichen planus on soles

At the 6-month follow-up, Mrs. M.M reported that her lesions from hands and abdomen had started clearing up to about 80% improvement and lesions on other parts were better by about 20%.

At the 8-month follow-up, Mrs. M.M reported that her lesions from hands and abdomen have shown 100% improvement and other parts are better by about 60%. Itching had subsided which was the sign that all the lesions were deactivated.

At the 10-month follow-up, Mrs. M.M reported that there were no lesions on her hands and abdomen and other parts are better by about 80%. She is continuing the medicines for flattened black spots which remained on her legs.

She has recovered completely. All her Lichen Planus lesions have flattened and have blend with the skin. There is No itching. No burning. Only the post lichen planus hyper-pigmentation marks remain. Dr Shah has given her medicines and she has been advised another 6 months treatment for the marks.

(Uploaded on 17th August 2011 by Dr. SNB)

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