Extensive eczema completely cured with homeopathy within six months.

A 75-years-old male, Mr. D.B [PIN 15568] visited Life Force Center for the treatment of Eczema on 28 February 2011. He was suffering from eczema since last 3 years.

He was very lean and emaciated. He looked much older than his age. The skin was hyper-pigmented. He resided in Nashik. His son was working in Mumbai.

He was a retired government employee. His was a teacher.

atopic  dermatitis on face

He presented as an extensive case of eczema with eruptions all over the body. He had typical eczematous eruptions as dry scaly and red with intense itching. Itching was more intense in winter season. Itching was so intense at night that he had spent many sleepless nights.

When he first developed eczema 3 years back it started on the legs and was treated as heat related rash. It did not help and the eczema spread all over his body. Then he took ayurvedic treatment along with diet restrictions which helped temporarily but it reappeared even more distressingly. Fortunately he had not used steroids in any form.

He was affectionate and caring. He used to enjoy his work. He was social and helping in nature. He was very hard working.

When he started loosing his hope, his friend who had been treated at Life Force suggested him to consult Dr Shah.

Emotionally he was very responsible and sensitive in nature. He was very talkative and socially active. It was observed that he had frowning and horizontal lines on the forehead. All these information proved important for the prescription.

After studying the case in details Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed him our research based medicine along with his constitutional medicine.

At the 2 months follow up (21 April 2011) Mr. D. B reported that the itching and redness had reduced by 50% however the eruptions had not reduced. While comparing the photos it was found that his eruptions were better by 20%. As per his progress report and comparative photos Dr Shah continued the same medicines.

At the 4 months follow up (16 June 2011) Mr. D. B reported that his itching had reduced by 80% and he was very happy that he could get sound sleep without much irritation of the skin. On comparing the photos it was found that his eczema was further better by 10%. After going through his progress report Dr Shah increased the potency of the same medicine.

At the 6 months follow up (3rd September 2011) it was difficult to recognize the parts where lesions of eczema were present. He had shown 100% improvement.

Uploaded by Dr. S. N. B.

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