Extensive Alopecia Areata Recovered By 90% In 2 Years With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 9-years-old child (Patient identification number: 24301) visited Life Force accompanied by worried parents and grandparents on 11th December 2014 to get his alopecia areata treated. The child’s mother noticed bald patches on his scalp that were gradually progressing in the size and number. The patches started becoming evident since six months. On examination, the child had five big and multiple small patches on various parts of the scalp. He also suffered from hair fall and dandruff along with itching anytime throughout the day. It was also noticed that the child had sparse eyelashes in both the eyes.

On inquiring about the family history of baldness, his mother mentioned that there was a prominent family history of baldness in the paternal side of the kid, and the child’s grandfather was completely bald. The child’s mother mentioned that her main cause of worry was that even after using strong medications (steroids) like Lotion Flucort (Fluocinolone), Tab. Flucos (Flucanozole) 150 mg 1 OD, Oint Flutibact (Fluticasone), Inj. Kenacort (triamcinolone) locally in patches, Momate lotion, and Tab. Betnesol forte, there was no visible recovery.

The child also suffered from allergic bronchitis since three to four years. He was allergic to dust, and the episodes of bronchitis would trigger with the change in weather and after eating cold drinks and cold food. The child suffered from frequent sneezing and cough with a chest congestion that would occur three to four times every year, for which he used to take antibiotics. Parents anxiously mentioned that his confidence was low due to this condition, and he would not participate in school gatherings and functions as his peers would tease him.

Physical Generals

The child used to have a mixed diet, and he had a good appetite. He had craving for sweets, ice cream, and chocolates. He used to sweat profusely on the scalp though he did not feel thirsty enough throughout the day.

Past History

There was no major illness in the past.

Family History

There was a strong history of baldness in the paternal side of the family. Maternal grandmother was suffering with recurrent bronchitis and paternal grandfather was diabetic and hypertensive.

Self And Family

Patient was the only child of his parents and he was studying in 1st Std. He was living in a joint family. His father was an officer in the defense ministry, and his mother was a housewife. The child’s mother explained that he was quite aggressive and short-tempered. He was very talkative during the consultation. Academically, he fared well and used to mix up easily with the children of his age.

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After examining the child and reviewing his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Calcarea phosphoricum 30 and research based medicines. He was advised to go through a few blood tests, such as thyroid profile. His mother was also instructed to give him a gentle scalp massage in order to improve the blood circulation of scalp and help prevent hair fall. Local application of castor oil in the bald patches was also suggested. Last but not the least, the child’s parents were educated about the withdrawal effects of steroid and were suggested to taper down the application and intake of steroids which would give a flare-up in the form of new patches.


The child visited the clinic with his parents on 17th February 2015. He had completely shaved his head off and his mother exclaimed that she had noticed sixteen more patches on the scalp which was the actual picture of alopecia. The child was on a tapering dosage of steroid and the new patches had developed as expected. Also, the right eyebrow was seen to be affected. Parents were quite worried about his condition but they had a complete faith in homeopathy. Dr. Shah changed the medicines and three doses of Syphilinum 10 M were prescribed in addition to the previous prescription.





Meanwhile, between the period from April 2015 to September 2015, the child’s condition was quite stable and the disease was not progressing. The steroid application and intake was completely stopped by now, and parents were much relieved that at least everything was stable. There was no itching, dandruff, and hair fall was also under control. The thyroid report was also absolutely normal. (TSH: 1.92)

The child visited for his next follow-up on 19th November 2015. Parents were quite happy to mention that they had started noticing a visible improvement in regards to the reduction of the small patches. There were no new patches seen, and some bald patches showed fine hair growth. The hair fall had now completely stopped. Also, the episodes of bronchitis had become insignificant. And, the child was not given any antibiotics in the span of ten months. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines accordingly.

This improvement then continued till the month of March 2016. The child suffered from typhoid fever amidst winters, but he recovered within a few weeks of conventional treatment. The next follow-up was a remarkable one which showed a drastic improvement of 40% in the overall patches. The patch on the eyebrow had shrunk, but eyelashes were stable. Majority of reduction in the patches was seen on the vertex.



The recovery was gradual and stable till the month of December 2016. Meanwhile, the parents had shaved their child’s head with the hope of triggering new hair growth. All the follow-ups were given on the phone, and parents informed about the consistent improvement in their child’s condition. They were following all the instructions given by the doctors, and child was taking the medicines regularly. His weight was also improving gradually (11.12.2014: 22 kgs, September 2016: 26 Kgs). There was no episode of cold and cough since six months. He was also suggested to go for the test for vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 so as not to leave any stone unturned in improving his immunity which was the major focus of treatment.

When the patient visited the clinic on 4th April 2017, the child had grown tall and had developed nice thick hair on his scalp. Parents could not thank us enough for the unexpected recovery in their child’s condition. The child now used to play with his hair, by making different hairstyles. The Vitamin B12 was - 265 (borderline low) and Vitamin D3 was - 23 (insufficient). He was prescribed supplements to treat the deficiencies. His confidence had now increased to such a level that he was not afraid to perform in the front of a mob. He started participating in school functions from which he used to shy away earlier. There was almost a 70% recovery in alopecia, including the hair regrowth on eyelashes and eyebrows. The following pictures speak for itself:



By the end of May 2017, there were only two of the spots remaining at the back side of head which also showed hair regrowth. Parents mentioned that the child used to like the homeopathic medicines so much that he used to religiously take the pills without missing them for a single day. The mother and her child were happy to share their journey of recovery at Life Force thorough a video. (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n8kx046-CU)


Alopecia areata, being an auto-immune disease, it is very important for the physician to rule out any other possibilities which lower the immunity, such as iron, thyroid and vitamin deficiencies. Homeopathy works wonders in auto-immune disease like alopecia. Early detection and immediate treatment help in the complete recovery from alopecia areata. Results may vary from patient to patient.


  • Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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