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34-years-old female, Mrs. V.S.G. (Patient Identification Number 25916) visited Life Force center on 10th June 2015. She was suffering from frequent cold since 1-2 years. She used to suffer from sneezing and nasal discharge every fortnight pretty continuously for 4-5 days. She suffered from throat infection and also suffered from symptoms of nose block & heaviness in the frontal region of head. Her complaints used to get aggravated by cold food, ice-cream, cold weather, and after hair wash. Her relief from complaints used to get better after steam inhalation & salt water gargles. She used to suffer from DNS (Deviated nasal septum) concavity on Rt side. She was also suffering from recurrent pharyngitis since childhood.

Along with respiratory complaints, she was suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection since one and a half years. Once in a month, she suffered from micturition and itching in her private part for 2-3 days. She used to take allopathic medicine during each acute flare-up.

She had an average appetite which used to get reduced during every acute flare-up of rhinitis. She was fond of spicy food, eggs, and fish. She did not like milk. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She used to experience average sweating, particularly on forehead and face. She was more tolerant to warm weather. Her sleep, sometimes, would get disturbed due to nose block.

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In his family, her grand-mother was suffering from diabetes. Apart from this, her father was suffering from hypertension and mother was a diabetic.

She was a reserved person by nature. She was the only child so she was pampered. Her emotions were suppressed. She was confident.

After studying her detailed case history, she was prescribed a constitutional homeopathic remedy & research based molecule for her complaints.

On 29th July 2015, she reported 70% to 80% improvement in her complaints. Intensity of sneezing and running nose had reduced considerably. The frequency of the complaints was also reduced.

On 23rd Sep 2015, she reported a slight aggravation in her condition which she suffered since 15 days. Dr. Shah made some changes in her medication.

During her third follow-up on 1st Dec 2015, she informed more than 50% improvement in UTI. Her skin condition improvement was 100%.

On 24th April 2016, patient reported more than 70% improvement. All symptoms were under control.

On 1st Sep 2016, patient informed a good control of her condition. Very good improvement was reported in relief from nose block and headache. Her UTI and leg pain were 100% recovered.

Patient is still continuing the medicine for further improvement.

  • Written by, Dr. Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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