Eczema started as dry, itchy eruptions in the palms with oozing of thin fluid. The lesions gradually started spreading to involve larger area of the hands.

Mrs. J. V. R., 41years old female (Patient Ref. No. L8189), reported to the clinic for complaints of eczema on both her palms since 2 years. The eczema had started as dry, itchy eruptions in the palms with oozing of thin fluid. The lesions gradually started spreading to involve larger area of the hands. She also started developing cracks on the palms which would occasionally bleed. When she reported to the clinic, she had suppuration of few lesions on the palms and there was discharge of pus with some amount of blood from the eruptions. She complained of intense itching of the eczema at night. She did not have any eczematous eruptions anywhere else on the body. Her palmar eczema would be worse from the use of detergents and worse from working in water. She had been on conventional medication for her eczema and since the last 3 months she had been started on oral steroids.

She was a vegetarian, with a normal appetite and no particular likes or dislikes about food. Her bowel and bladder functions were normal. She was obese and sensitive to cold in general and would prefer to be in a warmer climate. Her menstrual cycles were regular and she had no complaints with respect to the same. She had 2 sons aged 22 years and 20 years. Her sleep was sound.

She was a housewife staying with her husband and 2 sons. There was history of 2-3 deaths in her family within a short span of time and this period was very stressful for her. She had been very depressed and was under psychiatric treatment for her depression. She also added that she could not share her problems with any one because there was no one to share her problems with. She had a tendency to weep easily and she would feel better after being consoled. She had taken up yoga and pranayam which had made her feel much better in general. She described herself as a very anxious person till some time back, but lately she had learnt to keep her anxiety under check. She said that she had a lot of responsibilities to handle all by herself because her husband would be away as regards to his work. She would get angry if her children would not study well or if her husband failed to call her when he was away. Her anger was generally suppressed and would not be expressive about it. She felt that the opposite person would feel bad if she used harsh words when angry. She was a reserved by nature, so much so that she had no friends in her neighbourhood where she had been staying for last 10 years.

There was no history of any medical or surgical problem that she had had in the past. Her mother suffered from asthma and her father had extensive vitiligo.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Staphysagria 1M. After about a month of medication, she reported that her eczema of the palms was 90% better than before. She was very glad that her eczema of 2 years duration had responded so well within just 1 month of treatment. Her treatment was continued for some more time till she completely recovered from her eczema.

This case illustrates for us the fact that eczema is a condition that needs to be treated from within and not merely suppressed by the use of steroids. This patient had been on steroids for 3 months but that did not help her much whereas homeopathic treatment relieved her complaints within a short period of 1 month.

Remarks: This case speaks of the success of homeopathy in treating chronic and deep seated skin ailments like eczema, with a modern and wise approach, whereby it works wonders and brings about cure in the most safe and gentle manner.

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