Eczema cured in a short period without local application

Mr. A.M.J, 44 years old male (Patient Reference Number 13470) registered for the treatment at Life Force under Dr Rajesh Shah, on 18th March, 2010, with the compliant of atopic dermatitis or eczema since past 3-4 years.

He had red inflamed lesions on both lower limbs and also on the groins.
There was intense itching and redness. Along with that there was oozing of fluid. Itching was more in the night and after going to bed, and was better by hot water bath and undressing.

He was on oral steroids, on and off since the last 4-5 months, presently he was on wysolone 5 mg since past 3 days. Whenever he used to discontinue the steroids the lesions would come back. (This is typical of all steroid users. On stopping steroids (cortisone) in any form, there is usually a relapse of the disease, mostly in an exacerbated form.)

In his case, the lesions were restricted to the lower legs, but in the past 2 months they appeared on the abdomen, back and chest. He realized that conventional medicines were just giving temporary relief, but in fact the eczema was returning, and now it had spread on multiple locations. He lost faith in the conventional medicine. His son was treated by Dr Shah for urticaria, and so he consulted Dr Shah for himself this time.

Along with the eczema his other major presenting complaint was backache. He was having backache since past 5-6 yrs. He experienced pain everyday. Pain was aggravated in winter and after eating sour food and it was better after doing yoga.

He was a pure vegetarian and his appetite was average.

He had a marked craving for salty and spicy food.

He described himself as a very anxious, sensitive and short-tempered person, but he had very good relations with every one.

He said that he has 5 brother-in-laws, and he has good relation with each of them

He has a younger brother who is very abusive, but patient maintained good relations with him too.

Whenever he gets angry, he just suppresses his anger.

He is a businessman. He was in metal and scrap business, five years ago; he got a ready-made business of soap manufacturing. He has good profit, but he is in partnership with his nephew, who is very abusive, short-tempered and dominating. Now days, the nephew does not come, he has appointed a person to represent him

Patient feels insulted by his nephew, in the past they had frequent quarrels, but now he does not react. He never retaliates to the abuse, so he feels fresh and healthy. He has good relations with his wife and kids.

He did not have any specific past medical history, but he had a family history of ischemic heart disease and eczema.

Patient was asked to stop steroids in the next few days.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD studied the case in detail taking into an account the disease, nature of pathology, its extent, possible cause, genetic tendency, emotional make-up, etc. Based on the total picture, he prescribed Staphysagria 200c along with his research based medicine.

Patient visited after a month: The Skin was completely healed. There were no complaints. There was no itching at all. All other symptoms like redness and inflammation had also reduced to a large extent.

Patient was given appropriate medication; he would follow up after every two months. He is still under our care, but there is complete recovery.

This case illustrates the fact that eczema is a condition that needs to be treated from within and not merely suppressed by cortisone.

The patient was on cortisone since a long time but it did not help other than suppressing his disease whereas homeopathic treatment relieved his complaints within a short span of time.

This case speaks of the success of homeopathy in treating chronic and deep-seated skin ailments like eczema, with modern and wise approach, whereby it works wonders and brings about cure in the most safe and gentle manner.

This case also highlights the totality concept in the homeopathic treatment and curability of eczema.

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