Early Diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome Got Treated Effectively With Right Homeopathic Medicine At Life Force

A 3-years-old boy, A.P.K. (Pin no -29729) was brought to the clinic on 9th September 2016 for the treatment of Nephrotic syndrome. He was recently diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome, and he had started the steroid treatment 5 days back. He developed swelling all over the body, mainly on the face. The albumin in the urine was +++ and pus cells were also present in it. Apart from this, he had ascites and small Pleural Effusion present on left side. He was suffering from fever and cold since 3 days.

His appetite was average, and he had craving for sweets foods. His bowel movements and sweat were normal, but his sleep was disturbed. He was stout by build. His development was on time.

He was a jolly boy who used to be happy in his mother’s company most of the time. He easily adjusted in his age group. He had become irritable off late and would get very angry on trivial matters. He always wanted the company of an elder. He would get angry when anyone would contradict on whatever he wanted.

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In the family, his grandfather and grandmother had hypertension. His father and his uncle had renal calculi. Apart this there was no other specific disease in his family. There was no specific past history. 

After studying his detailed case history, he was prescribed researched based molecule by Dr. Shah. 

Patient visited the centre on 14th November, 2016 for his follow-up. His father informed that there was a good improvement in his condition. His ascites was totally recovered. His orbital swelling was also reduced. His weight was reduced by 2 kg. His nature was calmer and quieter in comparison with what it was in his previous visit. In October, the protein was absent but in this month the protein was traced. His steroid dose was reduced.

On 9th February 2017, the patient visited the centre. His condition had improved a lot. He was on a reduced dosage of steroids i.e. on alternate days. He suffering from colds had stopped, and there was an improvement in his overall health after commencing homoeopathic treatment. His both mental and physical conditions had improved a lot.

On his 14th June 2017 follow-up, his condition was improving continuously. All his symptoms had recovered totally. His steroid dose was further reduced. Protein was not traced in urine. 

He is still continuing the medicine for further results.


This case shows even in complicated disease, such as nephrotic syndrome, early diagnosis & right medication can give drastic & fast results.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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