Dr. Shah’s treatment has given me a new identity.

20 years old Miss S. S. J. visited our clinic on 5th June 2010. Her Patient Identification Number is 13878. She was quiet and reserved due to her illness. She was suffering from Vitiligo since 13 years. The patches were extensive on both the legs. They were sporadic on hands, fore arms, abdomen, chest, thighs, behind ears and lips. it was stable for 12 years and had rapidly spread in past 1 year. She was taking a multivitamin medicine.

She also had severe hair fall since a year.

Her appetite was average with strong liking for spicy. She did not like leafy vegetables. She was sensitive to warm temperature. There were no complaints in sleep, urine, bowels. Her menses were regular. She would dream of ghost occasionally.

She was staying in a nuclear family. She had 2 elder sisters and a brother. Her father and brother were legal advisors. Her sisters were married and well settled. She was graduating in science.

She was irritable by nature. She would get angry easily and would throw things in anger. She was average in studies.

Her father was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, cataract and asthma. Her mother was suffering from scabies, high blood pressure and cataract which were operated recently. Her elder sister was suffering from high blood pressure and depression. Her maternal aunt was suffering from vitiligo.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed few research based medicines.

After 4 months of medication she reported on 30th October, 2010 with mild improvement in her vitiligo. There was mild filling up, of the patches in the legs. There was no noticeable change in lips, behind ears, abdomen, chest and hands. There was no improvement in her hair fall.

After 8 months of medication she reported on 10th February, 2011 with further improvement in her Vitiligo. There was further improvement in her legs. The right elbow and behind ears spots were filling from borders. The spots on ankles and lips had no improvement. There was mild improvement in the hair fall. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

After a year’s medication she reported on 2nd June with overall 40% improvement in her vitiligo. The spots had further recovered on the legs, hands, ankles, abdomen, chest, elbows and behind ears. The hair fall had also improved by 50%.

She reported on 7th October, 2011 with further improvement in her Vitiligo. The spots on the abdomen, chest, and ankle have become stable. The extensive patches on the legs were improving. The hair fall was improving further. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 29th February, 2012 with overall 60% improvement in her Vitiligo. The spots on the elbows had recovered completely. The spots on lips and abdomen had been stable. There was further improvement in the leg patches. The hair fall had also further improved.

She visited on 7th August, 2012 with further improvement in her Vitiligo. The hair fall had increased since 1 month. Her case details were reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were upgraded.

She visited on 23rd January, 2013 with overall 75% improvement in her Vitiligo. The spots on the elbows, ankle and ears had re-pigmented completely. The extensive patch on legs had also improved by 60%. The spots on the chest and abdomen had also further improved. The hair fall had reduced.

On 16 May 2013, she was happy to report over 80% improvement in her Vitiligo.

In her follow up, she saw her old photos and exclaimed, Oh ! , were they so extensive in the past. She had almost forgotten about them !

She is still continuing the medicines with the hope to achieve complete recovery.

With continuous and persistent treatment, substantial recovery is achievable in difficult cases of Vitiligo.

She had unfaltering faith in the treatment, which may also have contributed to this wonderful recovery.

Uploaded on 29th May 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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