Dr. Shah came as a blessing to me. I got completely treated of my Lichen Planus.

Twenty-seven years old, young smart lady, J. J. visited our clinic on 19th April 2005. Her patient identification number is 7299. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since nine months. The eruptions were on the legs, back, and hands. They were itchy. The recent new spot had come on right forearm since a month. She had taken homeopathy medicines from a local doctor for two months and was presently taking cortisone local application.

Her appetite was average and she disliked spicy food. There were no other complaints of thirst, urine, bowels, sleep.

She was working in a call center. Her husband had a business of music and sound equipment.

She was confident and hyperactive. She had apprehensive anxiety and restlessness. She was ambitious for her career.

She suffered from jaundice at the age of nine years.

Her father was suffering from diabetes and fungal infection.

She was prescribed Carcinosin 200c 2 doses along with Thuja Occidentalis 200c with few research-based medicines by Dr. Shah.

She was explained that as she was taking cortisone and stopped it abruptly before starting our treatment, for the initial few days the Lichen Planus may increase.

After 4 months (August 2005) of medication – she was considerably recovering. In the initial six weeks, there were the appearance of new spots and spread in Lichen Planus. It was gradually controlled with the medicines and itching was less.

After 8 months (December 2005) of medication – she was 60% - 70% improved. There were no new eruptions. The old spots were healed with dark pigmented patches. There were no active spots.

After a year (April 2006) of medication – she had recovered around 90%. All the spots had healed with dark pigmentation which was gradually lightening with the treatment. Since last two months, few new spots had come on the left shoulder, arm, and chest due to some stress. Dr. Shah accordingly made the changes in the prescription for further improvement.

The patient took medicines for few more months and was completely recovered.

She visited Life Force on 12th April 2014 for some other skin complaints. She did not have any relapse of Lichen Planus in past eight years.

Uploaded on 8th May 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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