Difficult case of steroid dependent urticaria effectively treated with homeopathy...

Ms. C.S.D. aged 22 years (Patient Identification Number 15635) visited the clinic on 11 March 2011 for the treatment of Urticaria. She was suffering from Urticaria since last five years.

Ms. C.S.D presented with severe Urticaria. She had severe itching all over the body with reddish eruptions (hives). There was also associated swelling on the lips and face with choking sensation (Angioedema). These episodes would occur almost daily; they were also triggered after taking fish, crabs and prawns. She was prescribed Antihistamines and recently from last 2 months, she was started on steroids but nothing seemed to help her. She had started avoiding non vegetarian food completely but still there was no significant improvement in her Urticaria.

She also suffered from pressure Urticaria. The hives would be triggered by slightest pressure on the skin. If she lifted heavy bags, she would get hives and swelling on her palms and fingers, if any one hit her, she would get hives on that part of the body. If she trimmer her eyebrows, she would get hives with swelling. She said that it would also trigger by eating packed food. The hives were very big and severe. They would appear all over her body, the hives were always accompanied with swelling and pain.

Her case was studied in detail.

She ate both vegetarian food and meat; her appetite was good. She had craving for spicy food and fish. Because of the Urticaria she had stopped taking fish. Her urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally she was more tolerant to heat, she couldn’t tolerate cold weather.

Her sleep was sound and refreshing. Her menstrual cycles were regular. Her Urticaria would be triggered before menses.

She was lean and tall.

She was a Nursing student and her father had a business of rubber products. She had a younger brother and a younger sister who were both studying. Her mother was a house wife.

She was well supported by her family. Her parents were strict disciplinarian and always expected her to do every thing perfectly and on time.

Her upbringing had made her fastidious by nature. She was very good in her work.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed her a constitutional medicine along with research based medicines.

At the 4 months follow up (27 Jun 2011) Ms. C.S.D reported: still getting the hives but they were lesser in size. She was still continuing the antihistamines. She had stopped the oral steroids, immediately after starting Homeopathy and she did not require then thereafter.

At the 8 months follow up (30 October 2011) Ms. C.S.D reported that there is very good improvement in the Urticaria, the Angioedema had also reduced and there was very less swelling on the lips.

At the 12 months follow up (2 Jan 2012) Ms. C.S.D reported that the frequency and the intensity of the Urticaria is much better. There is no Angioedema and no swelling on the lips. Since the Urticaria was under control, she could stop the antihistamine. Now she got hives only before menses. She could focus on her studies, as antihistamines would make her drowsy. She was very happy with her treatment. Her dermatologist had told her that her severe and chronic Urticaria may take several years to subside. When the patient reported to the dermatologist, that she could stop her steroids and antihistamines, the dermatologist stated that your doctor must be a very good Homeopath, as the treatment of steroid dependent Urticaria is very challenging.

The patient is still continuing the treatment.

( Uploaded on 25th Dec 2012 by Dr. ZAR)

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