Cure of Urticaria treated with Research Based Homeopathic Medicines

A retired RBI employee visited our clinic for treatment of Urticaria  on 15th September 2015. Mr.V.C. (Patient Identification Number – 26702) visited Life Force from Devgad, Sindhudurg, Konkan from reference of his daughter who was also taking treatment at Life Force Homeopathy. He was suffering from Urticaria since one year, which he recollects had started suddenly after taking allopathic medicines for backache. Big hives appeared on the skin with severe itching and redness. There was history of hospitalization in last year for severe acute episode with difficulty in breathing. His urticaria would increase during evening hours and after eating eggs, shellfish and prawns. Since one year he was taking tablet Pan D once every day. In past he had taken tablet Dazit M and capsule Septra 10mg.

He had undergone angioplasty fifteen years back and was taking tablet Cardivas 6.25 mg, tablet Deplat 75mg and tablet Monotrate 10mg every day. He had also suffered from kidney stone and jaundice in past. His mother (expired) suffered from uterine cancer. There was no significant family history otherwise.

Patient had an average appetite for mixed food. His thirst was average and was intolerant to cold weather. His sleep was sound and had no complaints in any body eliminations.

His life situation revealed that he was a retired bank employee from Reserve Bank of India. His wife was a home-maker and they had three daughters who were married and well settled in their lives.
All through his life stages he was happy with harmonious relationships. He was confident, loquacious and very precise during history taking. He was eldest in family and took responsibility of raising his siblings. He was quite dominating and would get offended easily. He was very disciplined and hardworking throughout his life. On physical examination his blood pressure was 150/80 and weight was 77 kg.

After going through the history in details, Dr Shah prescribed his new research based medicines.

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In his first follow up on 16th October 2015, his urticaria was five to ten percent better. The big blotches that would appear on skin had now decreased in size. The redness had lessened and itching had also reduced. Earlier the urticarial rash appeared every day, but now it came once in three to four days. He was taking tablet Allegra once a week. Based on this follow up his medicines were continued for next six weeks.

On 22nd November 2015 there was further improvement in urticaria. The eruptions still came once in three to four days but with less intensity. He had not taken tablet Allegra in last fifteen days. His medicines were continued in same way this time as well.

In next follow up (18th Jan 2016) there was further decrease in size of blotches. The redness and itching reduced still further. Now the urticaria appeared only on eating non veg food and eruptions appeared only on right thigh. He had stopped taking tablet Allegra. Dr Shah continued the medicines for next six weeks.     

After six weeks (5th March 2016) patient reported that he did not get a single episode of urticarial rash since last six weeks. The big blotches had disappeared completely. There was no redness and itching. He had not consumed tablet Allegra in last four months. Patient is continuing with medicines without any side effects in any part of body.
Patient gave his subsequent feed back on 20th April 2016, 6th June 2016 and 21st July. No urticarial rash appeared anywhere on body in last six months. Patient started eating all food items which he had restricted earlier, like non-veg food, egg etc. He is continuing with rest of the medicines as regular till date.

The above case proves the effectiveness of scientifically research proven advanced Homeopathic medicines in treatment of chronic diseases like Urticaria. 
Case Study prepared by Dr Mrudula Joshi on 21 July 2016 

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