Curability Test

Alopecia Areata Curability Test

The Alopecia Areata curability test is an on-line test to suggest a possibility of help with homeopathy. The criteria for the test in the form of a series of simple questions, have been determined to suggest the chances of improvement with regard to the disorder. This test has been designed by Dr. Rajesh Shah, after having treated innumerable cases of patients from world over. The sufferers of Alopecia Areata may undergo this on-line test to obtain a suggestion on the possibility of cure with homeopathy. This test is free to use. This tool is copy rights protect with Dr Rajesh Shah.

Please select best possible options from this set of questions.

1.On which part of the body do you have loss of hair (bald patches)?
  • 2.What is the possible cause for these bald patches?
  • 3.Since when do you have this complaint?
  • 4.What is the nature of bald patches – Describe the type of problem?
  • 5.What is your age?
  • 6.How is your general health?
  • 7.What kind of treatment have you already taken so far for Aolecia areata?
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    *Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.