Cortisone masked Lichen Planus showed significant improvement with eight months of homeopathic treatment.

A young girl Ms. P.S. (Patient Identification Number 16739) visited Life Force on 21st August 2011 for the complaint of Lichen Planus (LP). She was suffering from LP since last one year. There were active, purplish lesions of LP, almost all over the body. Itching was very severe. It would get aggravated due to perspiration and at night.

Ms. P.S. had used both oral and local steroids for initial 5-6 months. Active lesions of LP got better with steroids. She had stopped taking steroids 5 months ago. She experienced increase in her LP in last 5 months, after stopping the steroids. Her LP was moderately increasing everyday. She was taking homeopathic medicines from a local doctor from the last 5 months. There was no significant relief with these homeopathic medicines. She had read about Life Force, Dr. Rajesh Shah and his experience in treating Lichen planus. She was quite impressed with it and wanted to get treated under Dr. Rajesh Shah. Her case details were taken.

Her appetite was good. She was fond of sweets. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was more on the face. She would feel more comfortable in the cold weather. Sleep was sometimes disturbed due to itching.

Ms. P.S was an electrical engineer, staying with her brother and father. She had lost her mother recently. She was under constant stress related to that. She would feel neglected, sometimes she would weep when alone. She was sensitive and emotional. She would not like to share her feelings with others. She had only selected friends. Because of LP she was not able to concentrate on her work. That had increased her stress further.

Her case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and a constitutional remedy along with research based homeopathic medicine were prescribed. She submitted her first progress report on 17th October 2011. Her LP was the same. There was no further spread of her LP. Itching was still severe. She was advised to apply moisturizer or coconut oil on the lesions to reduce the dryness. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

lichen planus on hand

On 5th December 2011, she reported 20-30% improvement in her LP. Itching had reduced by 20-30%. Active lesions had started flattening. The spread had stopped completely. On 29th February 2012, there was 50% improvement in her Lichen planus. All the active lesions had flattened. There were only hyperpigmented marks remaining. Itching had totally stopped.

On 23rd April 2012, she visited Life Force to thank Dr. Rajesh Shah. Her LP was 95 % better. Hyperpigmented marks were also subsiding. Itching had completely stopped. Her stress due to LP was relieved by getting such a smooth and gentle recovery.

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