Continuous sneezing also reduced....

Mr. B. S. E aged 27 years (Patient Identification Number 14938) visited Life Force for the treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection on 10th October 2010. He presented with recurrent throat pain, cold, sneezing and headache. He was suffering from these complaints since his childhood. His cold complaints would aggravate by taking cold drinks, in cold season and after taking head bath. There was difficulty in swallowing food. He was underweight also. He would get these complaints once in 2-3 months and they would persist for 5-6 days.

His appetite was average. There was marked craving for salty and spicy food. He would perspire profusely on palms and soles.

His father was hypertensive and his mother was a patient of aplastic aneamia.

He was cool and calm by nature. He had a good sense of humor.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed the homeopathic medicines.

After 2 months of medications he noticed some improvement in his cold complaints. Continuous sneezing also reduced.

After 4 months of medications there was further improvement in his cold complaints. There was significant improvement in throat pain and headache.

After 8 months of treatment the frequency of cold, cough and throat pain had reduced significantly. He could do his job regularly. There was no pain while swallowing. He gained two Kg weight in eight months, which were very significant for him.

He told Dr Shah, that after a long time, he has gained weight.

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