Complete recovery on lips, palms and soles...

A 41 years old female Mrs R. L. (PIN Number L-9930) reported for treatment of vitiligo . She developed vitiligo around two years ago. The vitiligo was spreading rapidly since the last 2-3 months. She was on conventional medicines but since the spots were spreading rapidly , they got very anxious. In their desperation they searched the internet and came to Life Force Center in Mumbai.

vitiligo on hands

There were big patches of vitiligo on the lower legs and distinct patches on the lips, soles and palms.

The patches of vitiligo on the legs were old, developed since 2 years, but the patches on the palms and soles were recent, just since 2-3 months.

The patient was very anxious about the spots on the lips and the palms as they were visible

Dr Shah assured them the medicines aim to stop the spread and to repigment as much as possible.

He explained them about certain limitations in treating the muco-cutaneous spots on the lips and palms but promised them his best efforts.

vitiligo on leg

Her case was taken in great detail.

She had a history of bronchial asthma and migraine headaches.

She was fond of sour and spicy food. She liked pickles, oranges and lemons.

She was intolerant to winters.

Since the last few years she had become irritable and short tempered. She was impatient with her daughter`s studies and sensitive to her husband`s jokes.

She would react strongly ever since she developed vitiligo, she became a loner, she withdrew socially.

She was very punctual and fastidious and would chide her family for not keeping things in proper place.

She was a home maker. Her husband worked in a government agency.
She has two daughters, both were studying.

There was no family history of vitiligo. Her mother suffered from hypothyroidism.

Her thyroid tests were normal.

Dr Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Sepia, first in 30 C and then in 200 C. She was also given Syphilimum 1M, infrequently.

Within first 4-6 months the spread stopped.

Subsequently she showed repigmentation.

They were very regular in reporting and consuming the medicines. She was asked to stop eating sour food, which she obeyed till date.

2 years after starting the treatment she showed complete recovery in her vitiligo on the lower legs and also in her palms, soles and lips. The muco-cutaneous areas showed equal and complete recovery.

Dr Shah was greately impressed by her response especially on the lips, palms and soles.

Dr Shah expressed that Homeopathy has powers beyond a Dr`s imagination and expectations.

Dr Shah also attributed the success to the patient`s faith, regularity and sincerity towards the treatment.

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