Complete recovery in headache and significant improvement in frequent colds with Dr. Shah’s homeopathic treatment.

Mrs. J. C. A. (Patient Identification Number- 15505) visited our clinic on 17th February 2011. She was 38 years old home maker. She was suffering from Frequent cold and headache since past 5 years. She had recurrent episodes of sore throat and right sided headache. Cold weather, exposure to sun and oily food used to increase her complaints. She reported 1-2 such episodes per week since past 5 years. She used to take conventional medicines for relief when required.

She was also suffering from Hypothyroid since 5 years. She was taking Tab. Eltroxin 100 mcg daily.
She was a vegetarian. She had no specific likes or dislikes in food. She preferred warm weather as cold weather used to increase her complaints.

She was a home maker. She helped her husband in his business. Her daughter was in class 6 and son was studying in class 1.

She was friendly and caring by nature. She had no major stress in her life.

Her mother was suffering from Cancer.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research based medicines after studying her case in detail.

Patient reported on 14th April 2011 she had good improvement in her complaints. Her complaint of headache was better around 30%. She did not get headache post sun exposure. Her frequent cold had also improved. Instead of 1-2 episodes a week she got it once in 10 days. The severity had also reduced around 25%. She did not take allopathic medication as the sore throat was not hindering her daily activities.

She reported back on 11 July 2011 and 5th September 2011 with mild improvement. She continued the treatment for further recovery.

She called up in November 2011 and reported that her complaints of headache and Frequent colds were completely better.

Patient reported back on 23rd January 2014 for some other complaints. She was glad to report that she was completely better in her complaint of headache. She got sore throat once in 6-8 months and it was very mild. It used to recover in 1-2 days without any medication.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 13th February 2014.

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