Complete Recovery From Nephrotic Syndrome In A Short Span Of Time

A 3-years-old boy Mast. D. A. (Patient Identification Number - 29950) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 3rd October 2016 along with his parents. He was suffering from the complaints of Nephrotic Syndrome. He had the first episode before 7 months. It would start with swelling on the face, swelling around the eyes, and severe cough and cold. Both these episodes were managed by oral steroid courses. During these episodes, the urine reports would indicate 4+ proteins. Within a few days of commencing the steroid course, the urine protein would come to trace. From the past 2 days, he again suffered protein loss in his urine. His urine report indicated 1+ protein loss, and he had a mild swelling over face and itching over the body.

He didn’t have any other complaint along with it.

He had an average appetite. There was a marked craving for sweets, fruits, and milk. He would perspire more on forehead. He was sensitive to heat. 

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He was 3 years old when he visited. His father was a businessmen, and mother was a home-maker. He had and elder sister, who was in 3rd std.

His family members were healthy. There was no major illness in his family.

He had suffered from tuberculosis in past and had taken allopathic treatment for treating it. 

He was very active and playful. He did not like contradiction, he used to become irritable. 

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah, and he was prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum 30c and some research based medicines for nephrotic syndrome.

His parents gave a feedback over the phone on 15th December 2016. There was overall 25% relief in his condition. Swelling over face had reduced. Itching also had reduced. Protein leak was trace to negative in that month. 

Later, Mast. D.A.’s parent reported over the phone on 30th March 2017 that the patient was asymptomatic. Protein leak were nil. Three was overall 50% relief.

After seven months, his parents gave feedback over the phone on 19th May 2017. The patient was 100% better. There was no protein leak and no swelling over the body. He did not feel the need to take any steroid.

Parents filled feedback form online on 30th June 2017. There were 100% relief in his condition. There was nil protein in urine from the past 2 months. There was no swelling and no itching over body.


This case shows that nephrotic syndrome can be treated in a short span of time, if the selection of medicines is correct.

-Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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