Chronic Urticaria with Angioedema treated with homeopathy & patient could get rid of antihistamines.

Mrs. A.K.S (Patient Identification Number 8408) was suffering from Urticaria since 4-5 years. Her Urticaria episode would start with large wheals, almost all over the body. Itching was severe. She would get swelling over the face, lips and eyes. Her complaints would get worse in evening and after eating. She was on tablet Atarax (antihistamine) 10 mg daily. She would still get mild episodes of Urticaria every day. She was very frustrated because of her sufferings and was fed up of taking antihistamines.

She wanted to go for some alternative treatment as her Urticaria was never cured by antihistamines and was only controlled. While searching on the internet, she came across the website of Life Force. She was very much impressed with the quality of information shared on website about Urticaria. She examined case studies and testimonials of the patients treated at Life Force and decided to get treated by Dr. Rajesh Shah. She visited Life Force personally from Hyderabad on 2nd May 2006. She narrated all the details to associate doctor.

She was having average appetite. She was fond of sweets. She would not like spicy food much. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was average. Sleep was disturbed due to itching.

Mrs. A.K.S was home maker, staying in nuclear family with her husband and children. She would mix easily with others but would not like to share her emotions with anyone. She had anxiety about children's studies and education. She was hyperactive. She would always like to be busy in some or the other work. She would feel more comfortable in company. Major stress in her life was her Urticaria. She was not able to concentrate on anything because of Urticaria.

Her complete case history was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine along with patented homeopathic medicine were prescribed for 2 months. She reported on 28th July 2006. There was no significant improvement in her Urticaria. Intensity was reduced by 5-10%. She was still getting mild episodes of Urticaria every day and was on T. Atarax 10 mg. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 2n November 2006, she reported 10-20% improvement in her complaints. She did not have any episode of Urticaria in last 2 months. She was still continuing with T. Atarax 10 mg daily. She reported on 8th February 2007, that she had 2 severe episodes of Urticaria in last 2 months. She had reduced the dose of Atarax to once in 2-3 days. She had severe wheals with itching and swelling over lips and eyes, twice in 2 months. It was explained to her that the increase in her complaints is because of the reduction on doses of antihistamines. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

On 13th June 2007, there was 40-50% improvement in his Urticaria. She would get Urticaria episode only once in a week. She would take T Ataxax only once in 8-10 days during severe episode. She had swelling over lips and eyes once in 2 months. On 6th November, she reported 60-70% improvement in her Urticaria. She had stopped taking antihistamines since a month. She did not have angioedema in last 2 months. Intensity of Urticaria was reduced by 60-70%. Frequency was reduced to once in 15-20 days. She continued to respond well to the treatment.

By 17th March 2008, she was 90-95% recovered from her Urticaria. She did not get any episode of Urticaria in last 2 months. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. She visited Life Force from Hyderabad, specially to thank Dr. Rajesh Shah.

Case study by Dr. G.J.

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