Chronic, recurring and severe hives cured within one year of treatment!

Mr. F.D.F. (Patient Identification number: 16905) came for the treatment for his urticaria. He was thirty three years old and was resident of Mumbai. He had visited Lifeforce clinic at Chembur, Mumbai on 7th September 2011.

He was suffering from urticaria since more than a year. The episodes used to occur five to six times in a month, which would last from few hours to two days. The urticarial rash would appear in spite of taking antihistamines on regular basis. As per his knowledge, the very first episode of urticaria occurred at the age of twelve years, when he had suffered from typhoid. The symptoms relapsed in 2005 which got relieved with homoeopathic treatment taken at that time. After a symptom free period of five years, the complaints relapsed for the second time in the year 2010, which remained persistent on regular basis till the date of starting the treatment at LifeForce. During the attack of urticaria, he would experience severe itchy rashes and swelling all over the body, including the lips and nose, which is known as angioneurotic edema. Due to the swelling on both feet walking was affected to large extent during the attack. He had to take two to three tablets of antihistamine in a day for at least two to three days to get relief.

Family history revealed evidence of similar illness in milder form in mother and maternal grandmother.

He was also suffering from constipation almost since his childhood. The stools were unsatisfactory with straining while passing motions. There was gas formation every day.

He had an average appetite for mixed diet, with craving especially for non-veg. Thirst for water was average with very little tendency to sweat. He could bear the heat although he had intolerance towards cold weather. Sleep was sound. He was average in built with no physical deformity.

Mr .F.D. F. was single, working in retail marketing for a private company. He was staying with his parents. His father was a retired police officer and mother was house wife. One of his sisters was married and the other was studying. Younger brother was in search of a job.

In the past, patient had suffered from typhoid at the age of twelve years. His mother and maternal grandmother suffered from urticaria.

Mild, sober natured and confident as a person. He was polite in manners. Irritable when angry. Liked doing creative work and hence was not satisfied at job. He wanted to become an architect.

Dr Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Nux-Vomica 30c and some of his research based medicines.

He came for follow up after two months on 19th October 2011. There was relief in complaints by twenty percent. There was decrease in the frequency and the intensity of urticaria. No rashes were observed anywhere on body. He had to take allopathic medicines for temporary relief once in five to six days. The frequency of consuming antihistamines had also decreased. Accordingly Dr Shah prescribed the next dose of researched based molecules along with Nux-Vomica 30c.

Further improvement up to fifty percent was seen in next follow up after another two months when patient visited on 12th December 2011. The frequency of attack was once in ten days with further decrease in the severity of itching. There was reduction in swelling on feet also. Dr Shah continued the medicines with increase in the potency of medicines.

He came for the next follow up after three months on 29th March 2012 with seventy percent relief in his symptoms. He had taken antihistamines only once in ten to fifteen days. There was good improvement in constipation. There was further decrease in the intake of allopathic medicines. On basis of this feedback he was given some additional research based medicines with Nux Vomica 200c , four pills three times in a day.

The symptoms of urticaria had almost disappeared at the end of nine months. He himself reported a relief of ninety eight percent.

He visited to meet Dr Shah on 3rd August 2015 to continue the treatment for long term betterment in Urticaria. Now with ninety percent relief in symptoms, he has to take tablet Dazit 5mg (antihistamine) twice a day for three days sometime, once in a month. Going through the case in minute details Dr Shah prescribed his new research based molecules along with homoeopathic medicines he was given earlier for six weeks.

It is possible to cure chronic and difficult diseases with homoeopathy. The dose of allopathic drugs can be tapered off slowly with the improvement in the disease symptoms.

(Uploaded on 6th September 2015 by Dr M. J)

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