Chronic, extensive Atopic Dermatitis showed remarkable recovery with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment

Mast. Z.S (Patient Identification Number 18000) from Qatar was brought to the Life Force by his parents on 22nd July 2010. He was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis (AD) since last 4 years.

He had dry, red lesions of AD almost on whole body, more on legs and neck. Itching was severe. His sleep was disturbed due to itching. He would get up at night at every 2-3 hours and would scratch for almost half an hour. There was oozing of clear fluid from the lesions. His complaints would get worse in winter and after eating leafy vegetables. He had become irritable and cranky because of itching. He was on homeopathic treatment since last 2 years. But it did not show any significant improvement.

His parents did not want to go for allopathy as they were afraid of the side effects. While searching on the internet about homeopathic treatment for AD, they came across website of AD by Dr. Rajesh Shah. They were impressed with the results produced by Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment and decided to treat Mast. Z.S under Dr. Rajesh Shah.

Mast. Z.S had average appetite. He was fond of sweets and chocolates. Thirst, bowel habits and perspiration were normal. He was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was disturbed due to itching.

There was a strong family history of Asthma in his family. His both paternal grandparents were patients of Asthma.

Mast. Z.S was staying in nuclear family with his parents and elder brother. He was active and restless by nature. Because of his AD, he had become irritable and cranky. He would like to stay alone. He did not want anyone to come near him. He would scream and cry if touched by someone. He would not mix easily with other children. He always wanted his parents to pay more attention towards him. His intelligence level was good. He was a quick learner. His mother had undergone lot of stress during pregnancy.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and examined him. He had been prescribed constitutional medicine along with patented homeopathic medicines. He started responding very well to the treatment.

In first 2 months, there was 30% improvement in his AD. His parents submitted his first progress report on 11th September 2010. The lesions on the face had reduced. Redness and dryness had reduced. Oozing was less. Itching was more or less same. His feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 23rd November 2010, he reported 50% improvement in his AD. Oozing had reduced to once or twice in a month. Lesions had started healing. Itching had reduced. He would get up at night once or twice. Sleep was also improved.

On 18th March 2011, he was 90% recovered from his AD. All the lesions had healed. Oozing had stopped completely. He could sleep peacefully at night. Mild itching was there specially on neck and legs.

By 20th May 2011, he was completely recovered from AD. His body was completely clear. He was no more irritable and cranky. He could mix with other children. His parents were very happy to see their son getting cured from his chronic skin disease.

They visited Life Force specially to thank Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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