Chronic episodes of Colds completely better with Dr. Shah's Homeopathy

Mr. D.O.P (Patient Identification Number: 6130) visited Life Force on 30/09/2004 for his complaints of Frequent colds.

Mr. D.O.P. a 49 years old male, resident of Nerul, Mumbai comes from a middle class background.

He was suffering with Frequent colds since almost 20 years. He used to get colds daily. Each episode would start with sneezing; at-least 25 -30 sneezes at a time, followed by watery nasal discharge. There was no cough or fever but the nasal discharge was so severe that in a day he had to carry at-least 2-3 handkerchiefs. He also had nose-block at night, making it difficult for him to breathe through the nose. His complaints would increase in the morning, with dust and due to draft of air.

He was taking anti- allergic tablet everyday since last 10 years, but there was no change in his condition. Each day would start with sneezing and would end up taking the anti allergic medicine without any respite.

One day while he was reading a Gujarati newspaper he came across information about Life Force. It was an article written by Dr. Shah on Homeopathy and it's scope in treating Chronic diseases. He read the whole article and made a call at Life Force, had an talk with an associate doctor who explained him about scope of homeopathic medicines in his case.

He took an appointment and visited Life Force clinic.

He was a vegetarian by diet. His appetite was average, he had special craving for spicy food and did not like milk. His bowels and urine was normal. He was tolerant to both hot and cold weather.

In the past he did not had any major illness. In his family, only his father had Asthma or-else there was no major family history of respiratory allergies.

Mr. D.O.P. was a simple person, lean thin and wheatish complexion. He was working in a sweets factory. His wife was a homemaker. He had 3 sons, two of them were working and lived separately and the youngest one was working with him in the sweet's factory. He also had 1 daughter who was married. He was mild in nature and would handle things calmly. He would rarely get angry. His wife was suffering with Arthritis which was bothering him a lot. His two sons were married and settled. There was no major stress in life. But wife's health was a major concern for him.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Research based medicines for 6 weeks.

He reported on 18/11/2004, his colds were 20 % better. The frequency of sneezing was the same but the watery nasal discharge had reduced. The discomfort had also reduced. He was still on the anti allergic medicines on a daily basis. He was again prescribed medicines for 2 months and was advised to taper the anti allergic medicine doses.

He reported on 31/03/2005, his colds were about 60% better. The sneezing and watery nasal discharge had reduced. Even the nose-block at night had reduced. He was more comfortable because now he was taking anti allergic medicine just 2-3 times in a week.

Later, he reported on 07/07/2005, his colds had improved by 80%. The sneezing episodes in the morning had reduced and he would hardly get 2-3 sneezes. The watery nasal discharge had reduced, he was very happy to tell us that he was now using only one handkerchief instead of 2-3 and his sleep was not disturbed due to nose block. The anti allergic medicine he was on, was now required just once in a month.

He was prescribed 2 months medicines and later was asked to discontinue the treatment as he was much better.

After 8 years, he visited Life Force on 30/08/2013 for his complaints of joint pains. He reported that, in the past 8 years his colds were much under control. He would get an episode once in 2-3 months, that too with 2-3 sneezing and mild watery nasal discharge which was also self limiting. He would now require anti allergic once in 5-6 months.

He was very satisfied with his treatment and thanked Dr Shah and Homeopathy, for keeping him healthy.

Uploaded on 31/08/2013 by Dr.K.W.

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