Chalazion Of A Patient From USA Got Cured Of With Homeopathy Warding Off The Need Of Surgery

Mr. P. S. (PIN: 4451) from the USA opted for online Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Shah for his complaint of Chalazion on 14th August 2007. He would get frequent chalazae of grain size hard lump around 4mm x 4mm on the left upper eyelid with irritation and heaviness. There was no pain nor any discharge from his chalazae. In a year, he used to get chalazion for 3-4 times that would last for 2-3 months. There was the specific periodicity of his complaints. Usually, he would develop chalazion from April to September. His complaints used to get aggravated whenever he was stressed. The application of hot water on the chalazae would relieve him of the irritation and heaviness. He had already undergone the surgery thrice for his chalazion and had used many medicines without much relief in his complaints.

Past History:
In the past, he had suffered from Appendicitis at age of 6 years and is K/C/O High Cholesterol. 

Family History:
His father was suffering from a heart ailment.

Physical Generals:
His appetite was normal. He had a strong desire for chocolate and sweets, and he disliked cheese and salads. He was sensitive to the cold weather and had normal bowel and bladder habits. His sleep was sound and refreshing. He would sleep for around 7-8 hours.

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Self & Family Set-Up:
He had worked as Polisher in a factory, and he was unmarried. His father was 72 years old, and his mother was 63 years old. His brother was 35 years old and had worked as Gardner. Mr. P.S was quiet and reserved by nature. Most of the times, he would control his anger. But, sometimes, when he would experience an overburden of work, he would get angry and would speak in rude and harsh language. He had a strong fear of spiders. His hobby was riding a motorcycle with his brother and friends. Also, he liked listening to music and going out with friends for watching a movie and to restaurants.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed CARCINOCIN-200.

In his first follow-up on 1st December 2007, he reported that his recovery from chalazion was better by 25%. His lump had turned soft and its size had reduced. For the first time in the last 4 years, he noticed the change in his hard nodular chalazion, for which no medicines had helped him earlier. Earlier, only with the help of surgery, it used to get better. Dr. Shah prescribed his new set of medicines to the patient for a further improvement.

On 31st July 2008, the patient reported that his chalazion had almost vanished. And, no new chalazion had appeared in the last 8 months. Earlier, he used to get a new chalazion after every 4-5 months.

As he was feeling better completely, Dr. Shah advised him to stop the treatment. He was happy that he found Dr. Shah, and Homeopathy was working on him satisfactorily. 

Later, on 13th June 2017 after almost 8 years, there was a recurrence of chalazion on his left upper eyelid. Dr. Shah studied his case and prescribed LACHESIS 200 as per the case requirement.

On 3rd October 2017, the patient reported that his chalazion had completely vanished. Dr. Shah advised him to continue the treatment for a few more weeks to prevent the recurrence of the complaints.

The patient was happy with the treatment and said that he no longer required a surgical procedure to cure his chalazion.

This case highlights that chalazion can be treated effectively with homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment can prevent you from going under the knife. In this case, surgical intervention for chalazion was no more needed with homeopathy. Also, homeopathic medicines help in preventing the relapses of the complaint.

Written by Dr. Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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