Case-6: Cervical Spondylitis of recent origin completly cured with Homeopathy

A 38 years old patient Mrs. P.N. (Patient Identification Number 15570) visited Life Force on twenty eight February 2011 for the complaint of pain in neck (cervical region) and tingling numbness in the right hand. Her pain would radiate to both shoulders and sometimes to her right hand. She was suffering from these complaints since six months.

Her X-ray was showing early changes of Cervical Spondylitis (CS). She would get difficulty in breathing and feverish feeling during severe pain. She had taken pain killers on and off for her pain, but it did not give significant relief.

She was also suffering from knee joint pain since six months. She would get heavy feeling in knee joints along with stiffness.

She had average appetite with craving for sweets. Micturation, bowel habits and perspiration were normal. She was sensitive to cold air and would be comfortable in warm weather.

Mrs. P.N. was working as an administrator in a private company. She had a very stressful marital life. She got married at a very young age, which had restricted her further education. Few years after marriage, her husband expired. She had a second marriage. Her second marriage was very satisfying. She was very calm and reserved by nature. She would not share her feelings with anyone. She was very sincere in her work, she used to be admired at her work place.

Based on above history, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her research based homeopathic medicine.

In her first follow up after two months, she mentioned 50% relief in her pain. There was no difficulty in breathing and feverish feeling in two months. Tingling numbness in right hand was still felt, however the intensity was much less. Their was no radiation of pain to shoulders. Her knee joint pain was also better by 10-20%. Heaviness feeling in knee joints was reduced but stiffness was there.

In next two months, she reported 90% reduction in her pain. The Tingling and numbness had recovered. Her knee joint pain was better by 30-40%. She had recovered 95% in her Cervical Spondylitis.

Early cases of Cervical Spondylitis can be completely cured with the help of Homeopathy, without any need for pain killers.

She is still under treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah for her Arthritis.

(Uploaded on 28th June 2011 by Dr. G.A.J)

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