Case-4: 90% relief in Prostatitis within six weeks with homeopathy..

Mr. Y. L. M (Patient Identification Number 15227) visited Life Force Center on 18th December 2010 for the treatment of Prostatitis. He was suffering from Prostatitis since five months. He took conventional treatment consisting of antibiotics, but his complaints would relapse.

He reported of have frequent urination with severe burning pain while passing urine. This burning pain would last for few seconds, but it was extremely disturbing. This was associated with lower abdominal pain and fever.

He had an average appetite with no particular likes or dislikes for food. His sleep was sound. He used to smoke five cigarettes a day.

He was aggressive; but sensitive by nature. He had the pressure of responsibility about his family. His father expired when he was twenty one years old. He was not happy with his present job as he was frustrated with the same repetitive work which was not of his domain and with higher authority. Earlier in his previous company, he was at a senior post but he quit his job when he got a better proposal with a salary hike; but it was at a junior post. He was unhappy and regrets his decision as in the earlier company he would give orders to his subordinates but in the present company he was following orders. This made him irritable and short tempered.

His father suffered from Diabetes Mellitus and Ischemic Heart Disease.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him research based medicine for Prostatitis.

Within six weeks his Prostatitis was better by 90%. His frequency of urination reduced substantially and there was tremendous relief in the burning pain. There was no episode of fever during the treatment. He is still continuing with the medicine and is under the care of Dr Rajesh Shah for the treatment of his Prostatitis. We expect to see complete recovery.

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