Case-25: Full recovery in patches of Alopecia Areata with Homeopathy

Twenty-year-old young male, Mr. D.B. (Patient Identification No: 21900) visited Life Force on 11th November 2013 for the treatment of Alopecia Areata and Hair Fall.

He was suffering from hair fall since 1.5 years. He was losing around 50 strands of hair per day. He also presented with receding hairline and had started developing male pattern baldness. He also complained of premature graying of hair. Since six months, he had developed small multiple bald spots on the occipital (posterior) area of the scalp. His brother had a history of developing early male pattern baldness. He had taken ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments in the past but those medications did not give him significant improvement. He then searched about treatment of alopecia areata on the internet and visited us for its treatment.

He was a non-vegetarian by diet. He did not have any particular liking or disliking in food. He was intolerant to hot weather. His thirst, perspiration, bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal. He did not suffer from any major illness in the past.

He was a studying in the first year of marine engineering. His father was working as a supervisor with some marine industry. He had lost his mother when he was three years old due to her illness. He had 2 elder brothers and 2 sisters. One of his brother was working in Saudi Arabia and another one was in Dubai. His elder sister was married and one sister was unmarried.

He was short tempered by nature. He would make friends easily. He was average in studies and so had stress regarding his studies.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him his research based molecules for hair loss and alopecia areata. Dr. Shah also advised him to check his thyroid profile.

After six weeks, he visited Life Force on 6th January 2014. He reported of considerable improvement in hair fall. He reported of losing 20-30 strands of hair per day now from 50 strands/day. His alopecia patches were also showing some hair re-growth. His thyroid profile was checked and reports were normal.

He visited the clinic on 10th February 2014. He reported of mild increase in hair fall. He had started losing 30-40 strands of hair per day. His alopecia patches were improving. He also complained of dandruff and itching on the scalp with few pustular eruptions on the scalp. Some alterations were made by Dr. Shah in his prescription.

He then visited on 26th March 2014 and reported of improvement in his hair fall and dandruff. His alopecia areata patches on the occiput were 70% better. He had no pustular eruptions or itching over the scalp since 2 weeks.

He visited Life Force after 2 months on 26th May 2014 and reported of significant improvement in all his complaints. His alopecia areata patches were completely cured. He presented with noticeable hair regrowth. He now had minimal hair fall. There were no complaints of dandruff and pustular eruptions.
He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.

Homeopathic medicines are deep acting and aims at correcting the multiple factors responsible for hair fall like stress, hormonal disturbances, genetic tendency etc. and often renders brilliant results in controlling the hair fall and effectively treating auto-immune conditions like alopecia areata.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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