Case-15: Lady with alopecia areata 7 big patches on scalp with extreme hair fall in bunches, recovered well in 6 months

Female patient, 46 years old, from a distance state of Methalaya, (northeast of India), presented on 26th April 2012 to Life Force center. She was a housewife. She came with the complaint of Alopecia Areata since a year. She had 7 big patches and 2-3 small patches on her scalp with extreme hair fall in bunches. Her patient identification number is 18964.

She had undergone Cholecystectomy (Gall bladder removal) in the year 1993 and appendicectomy in the year 1993.

She also was suffering from vaginal (fungal infection). She had already taken homeopathic treatment for vaginal (fungal infection) and Alopecia Areata in the past from local homeopaths, but was not satisfied with the results.

She had a desire for coffee and pickles. She could tolerate both heat and cold.

One fine day as she was surfing the Internet, she coincidentally happened to browse Dr. Shah’s website of Alopecia Areata (AA) and immediately sent us a call back request. We called her back, the telephonic conversation lasted for an hour, while she was narrating her case history she was in tears, though she was not in front of us, but her voice tone was sufficient to let us know what she was going through.

She just started her conversation saying doctor I am tensed, I don’t know what to do, I am lost, can you help me? I have a major problem of hair loss. I have 7 big patches and 2-3 small patches on my scalp and I lose hair like anything. I am scared of combing my hair, as I feel I will lose my remaining hair as well. All off a sudden in the middle of the conversation she started weeping and her very next question was can you really help me? If you are able to get my hair back and if all my bald spots get covered with hair, I will tell all the people around and ask them to get treated by Dr. Shah. She had almost lost hope and said that I don’t think homeopathy can help me as I have taken the treatment in the past with no results. But I still made an attempt to call you and inquire about Dr. Shah’s treatment as his website of Alopecia Aerate seemed to be very impressive. And after reading the case studies and testimonials which you have uploaded in the website encouraged me to take the further step of calling you and inquiring about the treatment.

She stayed with her husband and two children (boy 12.5 years and girl 16 years). By nature she was a very happy go lucky kind of a person, but at the same time she was stressed out, as her husband was alcoholic and drug addict and this was a big reason for all the fight’s and conflicts at home. She tried her best to stop her husband from consuming drugs and alcohol. But unfortunately all her efforts went in vain and her husband passed away due to cardiac arrest.

This was major setback event in her life. This incident changed her entire life and she went in to depression. She used to dream of her late husband having physical relations with her.

After her husband’s death, though her children’s were there to take care of her, but she was” alone” She was in need of a companion with whom she could share her joy, happiness, sorrow and thoughts. Above all she was in need of a companion whom she could trust and hand over her life too.

She met a person with whom she could relate to with and after a courtship of 2 years they got engaged. She was very possessive about her fiancée. Seeing her fiancée talking to any girl would make her feel jealous. She was insecure of losing him. A lady who was very happy go lucky kind of a person had transformed in to a lady full of anger and jealousy.

For job purpose her fiancée had to go to USA. Now it had been 3 years since she has not met her fiancée. She missed him a lot. She paused and said I am done with my case history now tell me can Dr Shah solve my problem?

We suggested her to get started with Dr. Shah’s treatment as soon as possible and have trust in him and he shall do his best to help you get recovered of this condition.

She started with the treatment online.

There were too many things that were bothering her. One thing was her hair fall, bald patches and the other thing was her long distance relationship with her fiancée.

The case history was forwarded to Dr. Shah. After analyzing and evaluating her case in depth Dr. Shah made his first prescription of his research based medicines for her on 28th April 2012 for 2 months.

On date 21 Jul 2012 she gave the feedback stating that yes, regrowth of my hair has started covering the bald patches. But hair fall is still there. My hair is so thin that it’s visible to others. I can say the improvement is around 55%. Based on this feedback the next batch of medicine was prescribed by Dr. Shah for 2 months.

On 9th October 2012 she gave her feedback stating that certainly there is improvement. Patches are gone, but hair fall is still there. Based on this feedback the next batch of medicine was prescribed by Dr. Shah for her for another 2 months.

She was supposed to give her next feedback in December 2012, but she didn’t turn up. And later called on 5 the Feb 2014 and informed us that she has recovered from Alopecia Areata and wanted to share this news with us. The happiness could be sensed in her voice. Today, she was a changed lady; full of confidence, happy, no crying, full of joy.

She also wanted to inform us that she has recommended many patient of Alopecia Areata (AA) to take treatment from Life force, as she was completely satisfied with Dr. Shah’s treatment.

(Uploaded by by Dr. Safura on 13th Feb 2014)

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