Case-15: 39 years old doctor with Cervical Spondylitis and Vertigo recovered with homeopathy

Twenty nine year old female, a doctor by profession, Dr. A.S.J. (Patient Identification No- 17626) visited Life Force on 28th November 2011 for the complaints of Cervical Spondylitis associated with vertigo.

She was suffering from cervical spondylitis since one year. She had constant pain and stiffness in the cervical region. Her pain would increase in the morning. With the pain, she felt dizziness, which would last for 15-20 minutes. She felt better after warm application over cervical region. She had taken conventional medicines for two months regularly, but there was no significant relief, so she stopped taking it. Being a homeopath, she even took some homeopathy medicines on and off which gave her some relief. Her MRI and X-ray reports of cervical spine done 4 months back were normal. She had recently shifted to Mumbai, earlier she stayed in a village of Chhattisgarh for 3 years. She felt that her complaints started from there, as she used to sit in an air-conditioned room, all day long.

She was a vegetarian by diet. She had peculiar liking for sour and sweet food. Her thirst was normal. She perspired profusely especially on the forehead. She could not tolerate heat in any form. Her menstrual cycle was regular and normal.

She married while studying in the second year. It was a love marriage, she had kept her marriage a secret for 3 years. Her husband was working with the central government. She was living in a village of Chhattisgarh and was staying in a joint family with her in-laws and sister-in-law. She was mentally harassed by her in laws. She was stressed as she was jobless and was at home all the time. She did not like to stay in that village; there were no facilities and no work avenues. She would suppress her anger and frustration.

Her mother was suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed a research based medicine for cervical spondylitis and also advised her to start physiotherapy.

After 3 months, she visited Life Force and reported that she was 30% better. The intensity of pain and stiffness were gradually decreasing. The episodes of vertigo had also reduced. After six weeks, she reported of 50% relief in her pain. She had stopped taking physiotherapy now.

Three months later, she visited the clinic and reported that her cervical pain had increased. She felt it aggravated due to the seasonal change. But her vertigo complain was much better, now it was rarely associated with cervical pain. She said the duration of vertigo episodes was also very less. Some alterations were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah.

After 2 months, she gave her feedback over the phone. Her frequency of cervical pain and vertigo attack were fairly reduced. She had a new complaint of hair fall. Her case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah.

She visited after 2 months reporting 70% relief in her complaints of cervical pain, vertigo as well as hair fall. In next follow-ups, she reported further improvement. Her condition was under control.

On 5th February 2013, she reported that she was five weeks pregnant. Her condition was stable and stiffness was completely better. She continued to take medicines during all nine months of pregnancy for her complaints as well as acute problems.. Her complaints of cervical pain, vertigo and hair fall were further better and much under control.

One and half months after her delivery, she visited Life Force on 15th October 2013 and reported that her cervical pain, which was almost cured, had aggravated after delivery. She had to hold her baby and that increased her pain. She now also had pain in her lower back along with cervical region. Her vertigo was cured 100%. There were no episodes now associated with cervical pain. She even started the treatment of her 1.5 months old baby girl Ms. A.S.J. (PIN- 21791) suffering from Gerd.

She reported on 31st January 2014 that her complain of cervical spondylosis and vertigo were cured 100%. But her complain of hair fall had increased. She was losing 200 strands of hair per day. Some changes were made in the prescription by Dr. Shah. On 20th March 2014, she gave her feedback over the phone and said that her hair fall had reduced drastically. She was now losing around 50 strands of hair per day.

On 8th May 2014, she visited Life Force and reported that her hair fall had further reduced and there were no complains of cervical pain or vertigo.

She is still under the maintenance treatment for hair fall and general wellness.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Kruti on 10/05/2014)

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