Case-14: Life changing experience of a 34-year-old man suffering with severe ankylosing spondylitis with Homeopathy

Thirty-four-year-old Mr. A.A.G (Patient Identification No: 21708), a diagnosed case of ankylosing spondylitis and polyarthritis, visited Life Force on 25th September 2013. He presented with severe lower back pain, lower back stiffness, pain and swelling in ankle and knee joints with difficulty in walking and bending forward. He also had complaints of left frozen shoulder. He had stiffness and restriction of movements in the left shoulder.

He has been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis since six months. He had  similar episode of lower back pain 10 years ago. Since then, there was stiffness in the back which was gradually increasing. Before six months, he suffered from urinary tract infection with blood in urine and joint pains with swelling of the lower limbs. He was then admitted to the hospital. His MRI reports dated 17th April 2013, were suggestive of ankylosing spondylitis. His HLA B27 blood report was also positive. While he was admitted, he was on high doses of steroids, methotrexate and pain killers. He was completely bed ridden for three months. He was on steroidal injections; once every month and high dose of pain killers from the past four months. If he omitted the pain killer or steroidal injections, his pain and stiffness would increase tremendously affecting his mobility.

He was working with Toyota motors and his job required standing for long hours. So, along with all these complaints, he also had developed varicose veins on lower limbs. He had swelling and pain due to varicose veins. He was not only suffering physically but even mentally. He felt very low. His day-to-day activities were affected and at such a young age he had become dependent on high doses of steroids.

His appetite was decreased. His had strong liking for spicy and non-vegetarian food. He had tendency to perspire profusely and he was sensitive to cold weather. His sleep was also disturbed due to pain and persistent thoughts regarding his disease.

He was residing in Mumbai. His wife was working in a private firm and they had a 3 year old son. His father was working with a private firm and his mother was a housewife. He had two sisters, both married and settled.

He used to get angry easily. Any contradiction or reprimand would irritate him. He felt, his mother deprived him of good job opportunity in Indian Navy when he was in the 10th std. Since then, he had anger towards his mother and expressed his feeling of annoyance and strong displeasure related to that incident.

Both his parents were having heart complaints. His mother was also suffering from joint pains. Dr. Shah after studying all his case details and medical reports and prescribed his research based medicine for ankylosing spondylitis.

He visited and gave his first follow up on 12th November 2013. His lower back pain and stiffness was better by twenty-five percent. His pain and swelling over knee and ankle joints were also considerably better. His complaint of left frozen shoulder was fifty percent better. He was still taking pain killers twice a day. He had no relief in his pain and swelling of legs associated with varicose veins. He was advised to start wearing stockings for varicose veins.

On 1st January 2014, he reported that he was further better. His swelling and pain of knee joint and left frozen shoulder complaints were significantly better. He still had some swelling over his ankle joints. Now, he had reduced his pain killers dose to just once at night. His complaints of varicose veins was better by twenty percent.

He reported on 25th February 2014, that his lower back pain and stiffness were fifty percent better. He occasionally had swelling and pain on his left ankle joint. He had no complaints of knee joint pain and left frozen shoulder. He had completely stopped taking painkillers since six weeks. He had further mild improvement in his complaints of varicose veins. Dr. Shah upgraded his prescription with Lycopodium Clavatum 30, 2 doses along with the research based medicines for ankylosing spondylitis.

He visited Life Force on 11th April 2014, reporting seventy percent improvement in his complains of low back pain and stiffness. His frozen shoulder and knee joint complaints were completely better. He still had occasional pain and swelling with very mild intensity on his left ankle joint. His pain and swelling due to varicose veins were twenty-five percent better. He had not now taken any pain killer since three months.

He visited Life Force on 22nd May 2014, all his complaints were eighty percent better. He had some pain in his left ankle joint since last three to four days. He was free from pain killers for six months now. His complaint of varicose veins was also fifty percent better.

A well-selected homeopathic medicine dose can perform wonders even in such difficult cases. Mr. A.A.G. who was bed-ridden for three months and completely dependent on steroids and pain killers for his mobility was significantly free from pain and stiffness of joints in just eight months of treatment. He is no longer dependent on any conventional medicines. He is still under our maintenance treatment for further recovery.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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