Burning sensations on body due to skin lichen planus, oral mucosa thickening and burning treated with homeopathy

A 39 years old teacher started her treatment for Lichen planus from our clinic on 17th December, 2005.

Ms. K. L. (PIN NO - 8118) had been suffering from oral and skin lichen planus since 2 years. There were papular, violaceous eruptions scattered all over the body. There were few hyper pigmented spots also. There was burning and thickening of the oral mucosa. She had taken three to four courses of steroids in the past. Currently she was taking some unani medicines.

She was experiencing menopausal symptoms since two years. Her menses had stopped two years back. Now she had heat flushes, as if steam was being released.

She also complained of frequent colds since her childhood. She would sneeze and cough, but it would be difficult to expectorate phlegm. She also had associated para nasal headache and hoarseness of voice. It would increase by consuming cold food and drinks. She would get colds every fifteen to twenty days.

She liked spicy food and chicken; she disliked sweets. Her thirst was excessive. She was less tolerant to cold weather. Her sleep was disturbed.

Her menarche was late with an early menopause.

She was an English teacher in a school. She was a spinster. Her father was a retired teacher. Her mother was a home maker. She had 5 siblings; 3 brothers and 2 sisters, all of them were married and settled.

She chose not to marry as she wanted to support her parents all by herself. She was disappointed as her brothers never took this responsibility of their parents. None of the brother ever tried to find her a groom for her marriage. They simply did not care. She had lost all the faith on them. She would remain sad and depressed. She was short tempered and fastidious by nature. She wanted everything to be prefect. She stated ‘perfection is her life’. She would do all her work by herself. She would get angry very easily if anyone would lie or hide anything from her. She was straight forward and did not bother about the opposite person before expressing her anger. She had tremendous anxiety regarding her own health and her parents health. She could not tolerate anything wrong. She preferred company and mixed easily with others. She was sad as she had attained an early menopause and would not be able to marry anybody now.

She was severely anaemic at 17 years of age and had required blood transfusion. She had asthmatic bronchitis in her childhood. She was admitted for severe depression after her younger sister’s marriage.

Her father suffered from high blood pressure. Her mother suffered from arthritis, myasthenia gravis and heart disease. Her maternal uncle had suffered from cancer of the larynx. Her sister had uterine fibroid.

After a detailed case study by Dr. Rajesh Shah, she was prescribed Staphysagria 200c and Carcinosin 200c along with research based medicines.

She started responding very well to the treatment. The Lichen Planus lesions started healing the oral lesions also showed good response.

On 18th September, 2006 she reported considerable improvement. In the last one month, it had mildly increased as she had been under stress. She had lost her mother last month. She was in a state of shock and grief. Dr. Shah reviewed her case and prescribed Ignatia 1m along with the research based medicines.

On 13th September, 2007 she reported 50% improvement. The itching had reduced. The spots had stopped spreading. She was feeling over all better. The frequent cold had considerably reduced. Her prescription was upgraded after reviewing the case. In the next four to six months the Lichen Planus had healed completely and she stopped taking treatment.

She reported again after 2 years on 28th July, 2010 with a mild increase in the
oral lichen planus. There was redness with burning sensation while eating spicy food. It had started a month back. She had developed frequent cold as well. Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Kali Chloricum 30c for her.

She reported on 28th September, 2010 with 80% improvement in her oral lesions. Over all pain had reduced considerably. Her prescription was accordingly modulated based on her feedback by Dr. Shah.

On 6th April, 2011 she visited our clinic. She was almost 90% better in her lichen planus. There would be occasional burning in mouth. The skin lesions were all healed. There were no active lesions, only hyper pigmented spots.

When she visited on 6th February, 2012 there were no signs of lichen planus. The oral and skin lesions had completely recovered. Few hyper pigmented spots were visible.

She was fully satisfied with her treatment. She said that Dr Shah is just like her elder brother. Her own elder brother was a doctor, however he had said that oral LP is incurable. Dr Shah had helped her in all her health problems in the last five years and she also got moral and emotional support.

She stays in Pune, so she does not visit us often. When ever she comes across a patient of Lichen Planus, she tells them to get treated under Dr Shah. She is very thankful to Homeopathy and Dr Rajesh Shah.

Dr. M. N. P

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