Both cheek affected with oral lichen planus and she used to experience burning pain, she recovered well with homeopathy

Mrs. I. B. (PIN no - 9418) visited our clinic on 8th March, 2007 accompanied by her husband. She was 30 years aged professionally qualified working women. She was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since a year. Her both the cheeks were affected. She would feel burning pain while eating spicy food.

She was suffering from Migraine from 15 years. The pain would be severe for once a week for a day which would subside on taking a pain killer. Some triggering factors were stress, lack of sleep, sun, hunger. She would feel better by pressure.

She liked fish, salty and spicy food. She disliked milk. She was sensitive to cold weather. She would have to strain for stools and would regularly take ayurvedic medicines for bowel clearance.

Her menses were painful and heavy. She would get irritable before menses.

She was working as a product manager in a company. Her husband was a journalist in a leading newspaper company. Her mother in law was a home maker. A brother in law was staying together with them.

She had a happy and well protected childhood. Her father had expired when she was 18 years old. He was a lecturer. This was a major shock for her. She was depressed and had lost all hope of living. This state remained for a year. Her mother was very supportive. She is emotionally attached to her mother.

She was sensitive and emotional by nature. She would brood over anger for a day or 2. She was possessive about her belongings and family members. She would easily get worried and anxious. She was married since 5 years. She was undergoing treatment for conceiving a child.

Her mother was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

She was prescribed few research based medicines after a detailed case study by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 12th July 2007 with significant relief in all her complaints. The oral Lichen Planus was considerably better. The migraine had also reduced to once a month. Her case was reviewed and she was prescribed Sepia 200c 2 doses along with the research based medicines.

She reported on 10th December 2007 with further improvement in her oral Lichen Planus. The migraine frequency had further reduced. She was prescribed Natrum Muraticum 200c 2 doses along with the research based medicines.

After 1 years treatment she reported on 12th April 2008 with 75% improvement in her oral Lichen Planus. The pain and burning while eating spicy food was further decreased. The migraine had been stable without any increase or decrease.

She reported on 12th October 2008 with 98% recovery in her oral Lichen Planus. Her migraine was also better by 75%.

Uploaded by Dr. M.N.P. on 20 November 2012

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