Bilaterally Symmetrical Vitiligo Involving Mucocutaneous Junction Is Treated Effectively At Life Force Homeopathy

Parents of 6-years-old Master D (PIN 28025) from Karnataka approached Life Force Homeopathy in February 2016 for the treatment of vitiligo. 

His mother noticed a hypopigmented spot near his left upper corner of the eye in 2015 when he was 3 years old. Gradually, the hypopigmented spots appeared on the left lower eyelid and right upper eyelid as well. The parents consulted a dermatologist and diagnosis was made as vitiligo. The dermatologist prescribed tacrolimus ointment (immunosuppressive) to apply locally. The hypopigmented spots disappeared after using tacrolimus, but, on stopping tacrolimus ointment, the spots appeared again. 

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Parents took him to a local homeopath and started treatment but the improvement was not significant. 

Master D also had associated complaints of constipation, with which he suffered since his birth. He suffered from allergic rhinitis, which was treated with the conventional medicines. He had a family history of allergic rhinitis and asthma. 

As mentioned by his parents, he would love to eat sour and spicy food. He has craving for lemons and oranges. He would perspire excessively, particularly on the neck and scalp. He could not tolerate heat in any form. 
Both of his parents were doctors working in a medical college in Karnataka. His mother stated about his emotional state that he gets angry easily. He would bite, throw things, or cry in anger. It would be difficult for the parents to control his anger. He had a fear of the dark. 

After analyzing the case in detail, Dr. Shah has prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica 30 along with research-based medicines. 

In April 2016, when the patient visited with the parents for a follow-up, his parents reported around 30% improvement in vitiligo. Hypopigmented spots over the upper and lower left eyelids and right upper eyelid had started fading gradually. There was slight a brownish re-pigmentation of the white spots. Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine based on the feedback.

In June 2016, there was a further improvement in the vitiligo. Parents of the patient reported 50% improvement in white spots. The patient continued the medicine prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In October 2016, even though the old hypopigmented spots were improving, mother of the patient noticed two new spots developed on the inner corner of the upper eyelids bilaterally. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and changed the prescription. 

In January 2017, the mother of the patient reported re-pigmentation in old as well as new white spots on the left and right upper eyelids as well as left lower eyelid. Parents of the patient were happy with the progress. 

In May 2017, the mother of the patient reported 80% improvement in the old white spots and 50% improvement in new spots on both the upper eyelids. 

After continuing the medicine for another 2 months, the mother of the patient reported 95% improvement in July 2017. 95% of the white spots showed re-pigmentation. Parents were happy with the progress. 

In December 2017, there was a complete re-pigmentation over the old white spots. There were no new spots. The patient got 100% recovery from vitiligo. The patient continued the medicine prescribed by Dr. Shah. 

As per the feedback provided by parents of the patient in March 2018, the patient is completely cured. There are no white spots. There was complete re-pigmentation of white spots on the left upper and lower eyelid and the right upper eyelid. Dr. Shah advised stopping the treatment for vitiligo. The patient is still taking treatment for constipation.


This case illustrates that bilaterally symmetrical Vitiligo involving mucocutaneous junction can be treated effectively under the guidance of expert homeopath.

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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