Attacks commenced with sneezing and running nose where in she used to have yellow thick discharge from the nose. She had cough with occasional vomiting of sputum.

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This is a case of a 5 year old girl, Miss A.S. (Patient identification number: L-4153).

She had recurrent cold and cough every 2 months. Since the past 10 days she had acute attacks, for which she had been treated with the conventional medicines. Every time the episodes used to last for more than 3 weeks. She used to get these episodes of bronchitis, the frequency of which used to be 3-4 episodes every year.

These attacks commenced with sneezing and runny nose where in she used to have yellow thick discharge from the nose. She had cough with occasional vomitting of sputum. She was not able to bring out the phlegm so she used to swallow it back.

There were episodes of severe bronchitis, almost 3-4 times in a year.

These complaints were brought on by change of weather, getting chilled when the climate is hot around, consumption of cold water. The complaints are worse by exposure to dust, moving from cold to warm environment.

Past history: There was no significant positive illness in the past.

Family history:
Her mother had Spinal tuberculosis. Even her mother had the tendency to catch cold and cough frequently. Her maternal grandfather passed away with an acute myocardial infarct. Her paternal grandfather was a known diabetic.

Her personality:
She was a lean and thin girl. She did not put on weight in spite of eating well. Her appetite was very good. She craved for chocolates, ice-creams and sweets, a lot. She also liked to have raw vegetables especially cucumbers, tomatoes. She loved to eat fruits as well. Moreover, she preferred to have bland food items.

She was very active, playful child. She was highly intelligent. Moreover, she was very emotional and sensitive girl. She wept easily. She was too talkative. She was expressive by nature. Most of the times she was very cheerful, happy and friendly girl. She was always very communicative and well behaved. She was affectionate and loved to kiss , hug and physically touch people. She loved animals, though was scared of dogs.

She would sit with knees pulled up, and had the habit to kick the ones who slept close to her.

Her family set up:
She lived with her mother (who was a homemaker), father (who worked as a manager in a renowned company) and a younger sister (who was studying).

After considering her case details, she was given a dose of Tuberculinum 1M and Calcarea phos 200 for 3 weeks.

Her progress report:
During the initial phases of the treatment, there was a gradual improvement in her weight and her general health was aided a lot. After a period of 4 months after starting the treatment, she had a severe episode of cold and cough wherein she was out of tow. This episode was managed well with the administration of suitable homeopathic medicines.

These episodes of cough and cold were severe, but then there was no wheezing, in any of these occasions. Also the frequency of these episodes, was once in 4 months or so. However, she always had sneezing, post nasal drip as well as cough.

With all these complaints, she had hairfall as well. Some additional remedies were added to her previous line of treatment. With further treatment for the next 2 months, her hairfall was controlled very well.

After which she has not reported to have any severe attacks of bronchitis till date. The frequency of occurrence of mild episodes of cough and cold have also reduced drastically. These mild episodes were effectively treated and she would be alright within a period of 2-3 days.

The patient happens to live a malaria prone area. She was therefore also given suitable preventive homeopathic drugs which had helped her a lot and therefore she did not encounter any malarial episodes, although the other family members had a malarial attack.

She is advised to continue treatment for few more months so that this tendency of recurrent cold and coughs is eradicated from her system for a longer duration.

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