Asthmatic Bronchitis in a three and a half year old child treated successfully by Dr. Shah.

A parent of a three and a half year old child was searching for a good treatment for his child’s asthmatic bronchitis. He came across the website of Dr. Shah. He enquired with our doctors and signed up online on 12th June 2011 for treatment. Master R. D.’s questionnaire form was filled by his father. Master R. D’s patient identification number is 16223. The questionnaire details are as follows.

He was suffering from frequent asthmatic bronchitis and allergic rhinitis since eleven months. His complaints would start with red eyes followed by running nose and cough. If the cough was left unattended he would get wheezing and breathlessness. His pediatrician has started seroflo inhaler twice a day since 6 months. On starting his inhaler pump the wheezing had stopped and the eye redness had decreased by 50%. Now he had nose stuffiness and mucus accumulations and throat congestion. He would often breathe through his mouth due to blocked nose. He would also snore while sleeping. He was allergic to perfumes, dust, incense sticks and strong fragrances. His complaints would also get triggered by certain environmental and air allergens. He would get sneezing at times with thick, greenish or whitish discharges. Cough would generally increase while going to sleep or on waking. He would get such episodes after every thirty to forty days and would recover in fifteen days on inhalers. The cold would get triggered by cold things and sweets.

His appetite had increased. He liked cold things and sweets. He disliked sour. He would sweat more in sleep.

He was staying in a nuclear family. His parents were working in Telecom Company in sales and consultant.

He was active and playful. He would get angry when scolded or slapped. He would hit himself or hit back.

He had developed skin rashes with mild fever at the age of one year for six months. It was diagnosed as viral and went away in six months.

His mother had allergy with stuffed nose and difficulty in breathing since childhood, but never wheezing. His father suffered from some skin eruptions occurring every year at change of weather.

Dr. Shah prescribed his research based medicine for 2 months. The medicines were couriered to Delhi as he was residing there.

His first follow up report was received on 2nd August. When he started with our medicines, he was suffering from acute episode and was taking conventional medicines. He had to take it for a month. The complaints were same and had not deteriorated further. Dr. Shah upgraded the medicines and sent for 4 months as he had then shifted to Singapore as his parents were transferred there.

His second follow up report was received on 6th December. The wheezing episode had decreased. The stuffy nose and discharge was same, but its intensity was less. He had recently developed another episode and was again put on seroflo inhaler and other conventional medicines. The gap was longest this time between these two major episodes of two months as compared to one month only. The intensity of all the complaints had been less as compared to previous episodes. The medicines were then sent for 4 months to Singapore.

His third follow up report was received on 27th March 2012. There was around 60% improvement. The wheezing episode had decreased by 60%. The stuffy nose, discharge, coughs and breathing difficulty was persistent in lesser intensity. He was off the steroid inhaler since a month and did not require it again. The other conventional medicines dose was also reducing. Dr. Shah further upgraded the medicines and sent for 4 months.

His father visited on 10th February 2014 to our Vashi clinic to start the treatment for Adenoids for his child. Master R. D. was now 6 years old and free from wheezing and coughs. He was diagnosed with adenoids 3 months ago. His frequent cold and coryza was completely relieved.

Uploaded on 7th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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