Anxiety, Depression, & High Blood Pressure Of A Patient Treated By Dr. Shah Successfully

Mrs. S.A.G. (PIN 5633) reported to us for the treatment after a long time. In the past, she had suffered from a migraine from which she was relieved. She had been freshly detected for having high blood pressure. She was also suffering from Anxiety and Depression. She was under a psychiatrist's treatment for the above, but she experienced too much drowsiness and weight gain by his medicines.

She was receiving Sensival 25 mg and tablet Deswal Er 250 mg. Her blood pressure was around 150-100 mm of Hg. Her case details were inquired by a lady assistant doctor. Mrs. S.G. lived with her husband, two sons, and her mother-in-law. Her husband was a businessman. Her mother-in-law was a widow; she was a case of bipolar disorder. She would torture the patient a lot. She was obsessive about cleanliness and punctuality and would dominate her daughter-in-law on these points.

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The patient quietly tolerated the insults and abuses. She would not allow the patient to go to her mother's house, nor she liked the patient going out with her own husband. Her husband was good-natured and religious. He had three brothers, but none would agree to keep their mother in their house. Mrs. S. would never complain to her husband as her religion (Jain) taught her to take care of elders; both husband and wife were well-behaved and never answered back She was a fearsome, anxious, and sensitive lady.

When her elder son was in the 10th STD, she developed high blood pressure. She had all the features of depression, namely depressed mood and disinclination for all sorts of enjoyment. She had a weepy and brooding disposition. She would sleep for several hours in the daytime and then become sleepless at night.

She sometimes quarreled with her husband. She had weight gain, both due to depression and anti-depressants. At times, she had a memory loss and she had become quite a pessimist. On learning about hypertension, she became very anxious and continuously thought of death.

At this juncture, she refused anti-hypertensive. She was somehow coaxed by her husband to visit Dr. Rajesh Shah for the treatment of hypertension. He also wanted us to treat her for anxiety and depression. She had refused further allopathic medication.

Her husband came and met Dr. Shah and briefed him about her health. He wanted us to intervene for Anxiety and Depression, as there was no relief with allopathic medicines.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail. He interviewed her for around half an hour and counseled her. She was prescribed Aurum Met 30 c and, later on, 200 C.

With 6-8 months of regular treatment, she showed a very good improvement. Her symptoms of anxiety and depression had reduced a lot. Her blood pressure readings were normal. She looked cheerful. Her husband thanked Dr. Shah for the treatment. "I got my wife back", said the husband of the patient while thanking for her recovery.


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating anxiety and depression and improves the quality of life significantly.

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