An Outstanding Recovery From 7 Years Persistent Eczema With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 61-year-old man, Mr. J.V.R. (PIN: 21036) started treatment with Life Force Homeopathy from 1st May 2013 for his complaint of eczema, which he was suffering from the last 7 years and which was spreading since the past 6 months.

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During his case history, he mentioned that his affected areas were bilateral forearms, bilateral palms, bilateral soles, and Bilateral legs. He was experiencing tremendous itching and dryness in these affected areas. In his palms, tremendous scaling was noticed that was resulting in cracks and further bleeding and watery discharge. He mentioned bleeding and oozing from eruptions on his legs too. For all these sufferings, he was on allopathic treatment for about one and a half year yet he had no relief. So, he switched to Ayurvedic treatment yet relief he obtained was temporary, He was diabetic, and his diabetes was it was under control with allopathic treatment.

After a detailed study of his entire case and taking into consideration each and every symptom, Dr. Shah prescribed him medicines for 6 weeks initially and also offered him proper guideline regarding proper diet and exercise to follow. 


In his first follow-up, his eruptions were still as it is but the intensity of itching had reduced. There was no further spread in old eruptions nor any noticeable new eruption had occurred.
From the second follow-up, he started experiencing improvement in relief from the condition in total. The intensity of itching had reduced and its spread had stopped. The eruptions on his legs and soles had started to show signs of improvement. 

In the third follow-up, there was about 80% improvement in recovery from the eruptions on his Bilateral legs. His overall condition was also showing improvement in terms of relief.

By the end of the year on 5th May 2014, the patient showed a great improvement in his overall condition. There was a great recovery from the eruptions on his soles and bilateral legs. And as the treatment was taken further, an overall remarkable improvement was observed. The patient was happy, as the spread of the disease had stopped which he was noticing in the last 6 months.
He further continued the treatment for 3 years, in which it is noticed that there was a complete recovery in his Bilateral legs and soles eruptions. His eruptions on Bilateral palms were recovering further, where his itching and bleeding were tackled very nicely. Therefore, homeopathy provided him great relief from his symptoms in just one year. The patient is content with the results and has also given his video testimonial regarding the same.

Though it appears to be an increasingly common condition and the allopathic treatments available are palliative rather than curative and may be associated with long-term side-effects, that is the reason why often homeopathy should be opted for treating eczema.

In combination with a homeopathic approach, it is necessary to follow nutritional and lifestyle advice. One of the most effective ways to treat eczema is with homeopathy as it is a holistic medical practice that treats the person as a whole, by considering and recognizing that every person is unique.

Treating symptoms superficially, as in conventional medicine, may act as a temporary palliative, but will not provide lasting recovery. On the other hand, homeopathy aims to cure the underlying causes of a disease as opposed to its surfacing symptoms so it proves to be an ultimately more efficient practice than the conventional method. Thus, though it works slowly, homeopathy brings out irreversible recovery even in chronic long-standing eczema of many years.

Written by Dr. Shraddha J., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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