An Old Lady Found Remarkable Recovery From Multiple Complaints With Homeopathic Medicine At Life Force

A 72-year-old lady, Mrs. S.J.M. (PIN: 29041) consulted at the Life Force center on 19th April 2017 for her complaints of eczema. She was suffering from eczema for five to six years. Her right foot and scalp were affected by eczema. She had reddish and purplish eruptions on her right foot and scalp. She was suffering from extensive itching and burning. Whenever her eruptions would appear, she used to suppress them by applying steroid cream. Besides this, she was suffering from sciatica, IBS, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and obesity. She was suffering from sciatica complaint for one year. She was taking the homeopathic treatment from Life Force center for the same. With our homeopathic treatment, she experienced a 70% improvement in recovery from it.

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She was a vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was average. She was quite fond of chocolate, ice cream, and sour food, such as pickles. Her thirst was average. She was not comfortable in the hot weather. Her motion, urine, & sleep were normal. She didn’t see any specific dream while sleeping. Her hysterectomy was done at age of 42 years. She was obese by the build. 

In her family, her father was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and tuberculosis. Her mother, sister, and brother were suffering from diabetes. Besides these, there was no other major illness in her family.

She was a homemaker. Her husband was a retired person. Her son was an engineer, and her daughter was a teacher. 

She was an extrovert by nature. She could talk to an unknown person easily. She liked to do different activities, such as chocolate making, crafts, etc. She had a fear to travel alone. She had anxiety related to her son. Her son was 40 years old and a divorcee.

After studying her detailed case history thoroughly, she was prescribed a constitutional homeopathic remedy & research-based molecule for her complaints.

After two months of following the medication, on 3rd June 2017, the patient gave her follow-up. There was no change in her condition. But, no new eruptions had appeared, and her old eruptions were also as it is. In her blood tests, her vitamins were very low. So, she was advised to take the vitamins supplement. 

When the patient contacted the Life Force center on 27th October 2017, she mentioned some improvement in her relief from the condition. Her relief from all the symptoms, such as redness, itching, and burning, had improved by 30%. Her relief from other complaints had also improved. She was advised to continue her vitamins supplement. 

On 16th January 2018, the patient gave her feedback. Her condition had drastically improved, even while the winter was going on. Her condition was 70% improved. All her symptoms were under control. Her relief from other complaints had also improved a lot. So, she had stopped the treatment for other complaints, such as sciatica, for a few months. 

A few months later on 19th June 2018, she reported that her condition was good. She was not facing any problem. She was not using any steroid cream for many months. Her itching and burning on eruptions had reduced a lot. Her diabetes and hypertension were stable with conventional medicines. 

One month later on 30th July 2018, the patient was informed about her condition. Her condition was stable. She had no new eruptions. Her old eruptions had improved a lot. There were no other symptoms troubling her, so she stopped the treatment for eczema. Her relief from sciatica was also improved. At that time, she was suffering from asthma complaints, so she was continuing the treatment for asthma for further recovery. 


This case illustrated that eczema can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines without the use of external applications of any kind. Homeopathy cures the condition from within and restores the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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