An interior designer student having Vitiligo gets better by 90% within two years of treatment at Life Force

A pretty, young girl aged twenty five years, Miss RAP (Patient Identification Number: 22198), an interior designer by profession, visited Life Force, Chembur branch on 17th January, 2014.

She had developed hypo-pigmented patches on face, above both her eyebrows and corner of her left eye since the past eight to nine months. She also had patches on her neck and behind her ears. She would experience redness with itching on the affected parts whenever she was exposed to sun.
The disease had developed soon after her training session for interior designing got over. She described the training session to be very exhausting and stressful for her.

After thorough examination, Dr. Shah diagnosed it as Vitiligo and the disease was found to be in the progressive stage, i.e. it was rapidly spreading. This was evident from the wood’s lamp examination which showed that many new patches were on their way.

She had taken ayurvedic treatment in the past for six months but there was no relief.

She searched for availability of homeopathic treatment on the internet and happened to visit our Life Force website. Impressed by the photos and case studies, she decided to start the treatment with Life Force.

Apart from Vitiligo, she also had recurrent upper respiratory tract infection since childhood. She would have cold and cough once in three to four months and each episode would last for two months.
She was allergic to dust and every change in weather would trigger the symptoms of cold.

There was no history of any major illness in her family except for her father who had asthma.

In the past, she had suffered from pneumonia fifteen years ago and malaria three years ago.  

As far as her physical generals were concerned, her appetite was average. She had a mixed diet which occasionally included non vegetarian food. She had a strong liking for spicy food, especially chicken. Her thirst for water was very less. She had a tendency to sweat profusely, especially on the face. She was more sensitive to cold weather than hot. Stools were satisfactory and regular. She had no problems in urination. Her sleep was sound.

She lived in nuclear family with her parents and a younger sister. Her father was a government servant and mother was a home maker. Her younger sister was studying.

She was emotionally very sensitive, especially to scoldings and reprimands. She would cry immediately but only when she would be alone. She was an introvert and would never share her feelings with others.

After studying her case and examining her under the wood’s lamp, Dr Shah prescribed her one of his research based medicines for six weeks. He also advised to get her thyroid profile done as it is observed that under active thyroid is usually associated with chronic, auto immune diseases like Vitiligo.

On 3rd March 2014, she visited Life Force and in the first follow up itself, she showed signs of improvement. The hypo-pigmented patch under her eye showed positive changes. The disease was in a progressing stage when she came to Life Force for the first time but it was effectively controlled with homeopathic treatment. No new spots had appeared in the past two months.Same set of medicines were repeated for two months as she was better with it.

In the subsequent follow-ups, she continued to improve gradually. Old spots were fading due to re-pigmentation and there were no new spots emerging anywhere on the body. Apart from this, her allergic rhinitis was improving too. She had no episode of cold or cough in the past six months.

In one of her follow-ups which was taken on 17th September 2014, she was provided spray to be applied locally on the spots along with the oral medication. The spray consisted of homeopathic medicine specific for Vitiligo, which aids in re-pigmentation.

There was a sustained recovery in her Vitiligo in the subsequent follow-ups. With two years of regular treatment, she showed remarkable improvement. All the white spots cleared up completely.

When she first came to Life Force, she was so anxious that she wanted to get micro surgery done for the Vitiligo patches on her face. With patience and effective medication, she was saved from the surgery and the scars. She got her natural skin back.

The last time she visited Chembur branch of Life Force, she came with her husband. Yes, she got married a month ago and looked all happy and contented.

Conclusion : Homeopathy has an effective role to play in treating the after effects of emotional stress. In this case, there was no major family history of any auto-immune disease but the mental and physical stress that the patient experienced, triggered Vitiligo. Homeopathic treatment basically corrects the immunity, thereby stimulating body’s own melanocytes to produce normal skin pigmentation.

Case study done by Dr Amrita Utekar on 19/3/16


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