An Early Diagnosed Psoriasis Patient Experienced 90% Healing With Homeopathy

A 58-year-old lady, Mrs. H.B. (PIN: 42999) visited Borivali Clinic of Life Force on 30th April 2020 for the treatment of her skin condition. She was suffering from unpleasant skin issues. It would start with boils with no itching all over the body, and, later, make her experience dryness of the skin, mostly with hyperpigmentation. Her condition was diagnosed as Psoriasis, and she was taking steroids for a month.


Physical Generals:

The patient was vegan, and she liked eating sweets.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Antimonium Crud 30 to the patient.



When the first follow-up was taken on 2nd July 2020, all her lesions had increased as the patient had stopped using steroids a month back. She was experiencing itching occasionally.

When the patient came for the second follow-up on 7th September 2020, she was better. The progress or spread of the disease had slowed down.


At the follow-up on 8th February 2021, the patient was better. But, she was experiencing new lesions on and off.


Later, when the patient gave feedback on 1st June 2021, she was better despite new lesions. Her lesions were healing.


When the patient came for a follow-up on 1st October 2021, she complained about the development of new lesions without any cause.


At the follow-up on 27th November 2021, her recovery from the skin condition was better. Her old lesions were healing.


Currently, the patient is off the medicine. And, even in the winter, she had no flares of the lesions.


The patient is happy and satisfied with the treatment received at Life Force.



This case study highlights that homeopathy can give desired results in chronic diseases if the condition is detected early and the treatment is started in the initial stages. Also, homeopathy helps reduce and eliminate drug dependency. For treating skin complaints gently and safely, homeopathy is highly recommended. Homeopathy is safe and causes no side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Sapna Tarale, Associate doctor Dr. Rajesh Shah

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