An 8-Year-Old Kid Fully Recovered From Chronic Lichen Planus In Just 10 Months With Homeopathy


What is Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus is a chronic autoimmune non-contagious skin condition that affects the mucous membrane and skin, thereby causing inflammation of the skin cells. It results in flat purplish skin lesions that are itchy and cause bleeding after scratching. The skin condition results due to certain immunological factors, stress, certain medications, & trauma.
Homeopathy is very effective in treating this skin condition as it heals the disease from within by increasing the immunity of the body.

Let’s have a look at a chronic case of lichen planus treated by homeopathy successfully.

An 8-year-old male child, Master S.T. (PIN: 42873) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 7th March 2020 for getting his complaint of Lichen Planus treated. He was suffering from it since a year. Initially, it had developed on the left lower feet between toe and finger and gradually started spreading upward; but, in the last 1-2 months it suddenly started spreading rapidly. The lesions appeared on both his hands. The patient was strongly steroid masked since 5 months and continued taking steroid-based conventional treatment, Genetic link of lichen Planus is present in his case.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines along with some dietary tips to the patient.


When the patient gave his first follow-up on 23rd April 2020, his relief in the complaint of lichen planus was 50% better. He no more had active spots. No new lesions were developing. The itching had reduced a lot.

At the second follow-up on 6th June 2020, the patient’s complaint of Lichen Planus was stable.

When the third follow-up was taken on 30th July 2020, no new lesions nor any active eruptions were present. He was relieved of itching.

On 22nd September 2020, the patient’s complaints had reduced by 70%. Merely mild itching was present, and post lichen planus hyperpigmentation was present.

In the follow-up taken on 1st November 2020, further improvement was observed in his recovery from the complaint. Many of his skin lesions had healed completely.

In the follow-up taken on 17th January 2021, the patient had experienced 99% recovery from lichen planus. The patient wanted to continue further treatment for reducing the hyperpigmentation that was left on his legs after lichen planus healed.

On 16th March 2021, there was a tremendous improvement observed in his post lichen planus hyperpigmentation.  Just slightly more pigmentation was remaining over his left ankle.

In between, the patient had taken a gap in treatment all by himself, but then again, he continued with the treatment for complete recovery and to avoid the risk of relapse.

On 23rd May 2021, his complaint was 100% healed. Just dull pigmented marks remained, and they too were fading day by day. In the recent follow-up, he was completely better and free from Lichen Planus. Dr. Shah Sir asked him to continue the treatment to avoid relapse and to reduce the remaining post pigmentation.

The patient's mother thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating his son so well in a very short span and improving his health. He has successfully overcome all discomforts with the treatment and is doing well.
This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating rapidly spreading chronic lichen
planus incredibly and safely without any side effects and recovery is possible in a very short span.

- Written by Dr. Jyoti K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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