An 8-Year-Old Child With Vitiligo Experienced Phenomenal Re-Pigmentation With Homeopathy

Vitiligo is a disease where there is a loss of skin pigment or color, and it might occur due to various reasons. Although vitiligo is not so serious disease, it causes a deeper impact emotionally. Every individual is fond of how they look and how they appear in front of others. Vitiligo, being a skin disease, damages the natural color of the body. The exact cause of vitiligo remains unknown. Some theories are considered responsible including genetic and immunological factors. 8% of the Indian and about 2% world population have vitiligo. Vitiligo is a disease of skin pigments called melanin.

At Life Force, Dr. Shah has treated several vitiligo patients successfully. Lets have a look at a case of vitiligo treated at Life Force effectively.

An 8-year-old girl, Ms. D.R. (PIN: 39312) visited Life Force Homeopathy with her anxious and worried mother for the treatment of vitiligo in March 2019. She was having 3 patches of vitiligo over the face, near the right eye. The mother was very concerned thinking that it would spread over her whole face and body that will affect her future.

Our patient Ms. D.R was having 3 visible spots over her face near the right eye. Other than this, she was also having minute patches which were not visible to the naked eye and were noticed under Wood's lamp examination. (Wood's lamp Examination: Wood's lamp examination is a procedure that uses transillumination (light) to detect bacterial or fungal skin infection. It can also detect skin pigment disorders, such as vitiligo. Wood's lamp is a small handheld device that uses a black light to illuminate areas of your skin. The light is held over an area of skin in a darkened room. The presence of any changes in pigmentation of skin will cause the skin to change color under the light.)

After the complete examination of the patient and taking a detailed case history, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed Homoeopathic medicines along with some research-based medicines to the child. Also, helpful tips on lifestyle and dietary changes were given to the child.



After starting with the homeopathic treatment, the patient came for follow-ups. In the subsequent follow-ups, no major change was seen; however, no new spread had occurred. The old patches were stable.

By September 2019, 25% positive changes were observed in the patches. There was slight re-pigmentation observed around the corners of the patches.

Later, by January 2020, there was a 60% improvement observed in the recovery from vitiligo. All the patches visible under Wood's lamp examination were reduced in number. And, patches over the face had started showing a marked re-pigmentation.

Then, on 26th February 2021, almost all those spots which were visible under Wood's lamp examination disappeared. The mother of the child was more hopeful and positive after observing such an improvement.

By December 2021, 2 spots were completely re-pigmented; now, only 1 spot was remaining.

And, finally, on 18th May 2022, we spoke to the mother regarding follow-up. The childs mother, who was once very anticipated and worried, started thanking the team of Life Force Homoeopathy and Dr. Rajesh Shah for such a wonderful recovery of her daughter from Vitiligo. Her expressions were not visible but were heard and felt through the conversation she had with us over the phone. The mother was so happy that she had no words to express her gratitude. Her gesture was transformed through words by giving thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah and his whole team.



This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat vitiligo in kids successfully and safely without any side effects.

  • Written by Dr. Gayatri Deshpande, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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