An 18-Years-Old Boy Got Cured Of Bronchial Asthma In An Year Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

18-years-old Mr. K. A. (PIN L-6523) was a known case of Bronchial Asthma and was suffering from it from the past 4 years. He reported to our clinic on 7th January 2004 with the complaints of a cough, difficulty in breathing accompanied by recurrent colds. He had cold almost every day and it used to be really bad at least once a month. 

He was very lean in structure right from his childhood days. His asthma would be worse between the months of November to December. The onset of winters and the exposure to the dust were the main triggering factors for his asthmatic episodes. Also, he suffered from recurrent sinusitis and the attacks used to be 2- 3 times in a year.

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His appetite was reduced and so he would not succeed in putting on the weight for years together. He craved for spicy food, fish, and used to love to eat a lot of chicken. As regards to his thermal modalities, he couldn't tolerate the extremes of heat or cold in any form and would be more comfortable in winters except for his asthma. He had constipation right from his childhood days. Occasionally, he had to visit the toilet 2-3 times in a day and used to pass mucus with the stools.

This boy used to stay in a joint family with his parents, grandmother, and a younger brother and sister as well. His father also used to have recurrent sinusitis, and his mother was a known case of Hypothyroidism. His grandmother also had similar complaints of bronchial asthma since her young age.

He had taken a lot of allopathic medicines in the past for his asthmatic episodes. He had even been on steroids whenever his complaints used to turn worse and he had no choice other than taking these steroids which he knew would help him only temporarily and his attacks would recur when its action would get exhausted. Earlier he had been on homeopathic medicines for some time, but it did offer him a little relief and hence he discontinued it after a while.

On examination, his weight was found to be 50 kgs. There was a very large polyp in his right nostril. He had hypertrophied turbinates as well. When I conveyed of these findings to him, it reminded him of his complaints of nose block particularly on the right side and this added to his breathlessness. This, however, was a daily occurrence, and hence it was almost neglected by him and he had learned to live with it.

A detailed study of his case revealed a very strong miasmatic background in his case which predisposed him to present with all these complaints. A very deep acting medicine named Thuja Occidentalis which covers this kind of sycotic manifestations was administered in the 200th potency as an anti-miasmatic remedy. With this, Silica in the 200th potency and Kali Bichromicum in the 200th potency was prescribed for a period of 6 weeks.

After taking the medicines as per the instructed dosage, he found a remarkable improvement in his condition. A recurrent cough, which he used to suffer from, was much better. The breathlessness, which used to bother him, was relieved to a great extent. The frequency of the occurrence of the episodes of cold had reduced to a considerable extent. The nose block was relieved, and this eased him all the more. His appetite had improved and his general health turned good, in spite of the onset of winters during which it used to be really worse. There was no requirement of steroids, which he used to take during winters, and this was definitely a good sign of the improvement in his case.

His complaints gradually improved, and he reported us that he was feeling much better and better every time when he came for his regular follow-ups. It has been a year since he is taking regular homeopathic medication and now his asthma is completely cured. He is absolutely asymptomatic at the moment with no complaints whatsoever.

Remarks: I am sure after reading this case history of Asthma, every reader would witness and appreciate that these deep-seated ailments, which do not respond to even the strongest doses of allopathic medicines, can be cured completely with the marvelous action of these equally deep-acting homeopathic medicines.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating bronchial asthma and providing a complete relief from its discomfort safely without any side-effects.

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