Alopecia Areata Patient Enjoys 100% Recovery With Homeopathy At Life Force

29-years-old young man, Mr.P.P. (Pin no-26132) approached Life Force for treating his Alopecia Areata on 5th July 2015. He was suffering from Alopecia areata since 1.5 yrs. His alopecia areata patches were seen on the back side of the scalp (occipital region), cheeks, moustache, and on the chin (beard area). He had one patch of 3-4 cm on his scalp, 2 small patches of 2-4 cm on his chin, and a few tiny spots over moustache and cheeks area. He had taken allopathic treatments in the past, but those medications did not give him a significant improvement. He was taking Ayurvedic treatment since 4 months.

The patient was a vegetarian by diet. He liked spicy food. Patient did not have any particular disliking for any food. He was intolerant to hot weather. His thirst, bowel movements, urination, and sleep were normal. His perspiration was profuse, offensive, and mainly on face. He had no specific past history.

He was working with his father in business of water proofing. His mother was a homemaker. He had one elder brother, who was in service. His sister was married.

He was shy, calm, & sensitive in nature. He was self-centered. He was normally a calm person, but used to get angry in conflict. He was reserved in nature. His personal relations with his father were not good, as his father was against modernisation of business.

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Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him his research based molecules for Alopecia areata. Dr. Shah also advised him to go for thyroid profile.

After five weeks, he gave his follow-up on 29th August 2015. There was no change in his patches, but no new patches had developed.

On his next follow-up on 15th December 2015, he reported improvement in alopecia patches. His scalp patch had improved by 70%. He had one small new spot on right hair lock. His thyroid profile was normal.

He gave his next follow-up on 26th February 2016. His alopecia areata patch on the occiput had improved by more than 85%, and his moustache spot had improved by 20%.

When he again visited the clinic on 23rd April 2016, his condition had improved a lot. His occipital patch was totally recovered, and other spots were also showing improvement.

After a few more follow-ups, when he visited Life Force on 3rd October 2016, he reported a significant improvement in all his spots. His alopecia areata patch on the occiput was totally recovered and patches on cheeks, moustache, and chin had improved by more than 80 %.

He reported continuous and significant improvement in all his patches during his follow-up visit on 18th February 2017. 

During his last follow-up on 16th April 2017, his alopecia areata patches on scalp, cheeks, and moustache had recovered successfully. Only a tiny spot was seen on his chin.

He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.


This case study highlights that homeopathic medicines are deep acting and aim at treating auto-immune conditions, such as alopecia areata, effectively.


- Written by Dr. Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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