A young man sustained a tibial fracture and had to undergo three major surgeries including a toe amputation, during which he possibly contracted Hepatitis C.

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<20 copies/ml (Below detectable level)

26 year old male patient Mr. T. S. (Patient reference number 9102) signed up for online Homeopathic treatment from Lifeforce center for complaints of Hepatitis C. He had been diagnosed as having Hepatitis C since about 1 month. He reported that he had sustained a tibial fracture in November 2005 and had to undergo 3 surgeries in a row including a toe amputation. He had possibly contracted the infection during this period. In January 2006 he complained of severe upper abdominal and epigastric pain for which he was medicated and investigated. During this period he was diagnosed as having Hepatitis C. There was no history of any blood transfusion, organ transplant, shared needles, tattooing, etc. His reports have been summarised at the bottom.

His appetite was good in general but during the episodes of pain his appetite would go down. He was very fond of watermelons, grapes, juicy fruits, etc. and had an increased thirst for water. Recently, he reported, he would eat small quantity of food and his stomach would feel full with it, then he would again feel hungry after some time. He had no major complaints pertaining to his stools and urine and his sweating would be scanty. He was sensitive to cold climate in general. His sleep would be sound but he would wake up at the slightest noise.

He described his nature as friendly and humorous and he would like to make friends. He said that he had a lot of dignity amongst his friends. He was also quite anxious and would easily get tensed on trifling matters. He said his anger was on the higher side and he would get angry when someone would repeatedly ask him questions or when younger people would not respect him. He would shout at the concerned person when angry or would be rude in his conversation. His major stress at that time was his health which had been quite bad; he had delayed union of his tibial fracture, then he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and he was to get married in one year. He said that he just needed to settle down after this stressful period.

He had suffered from jaundice at the age of 12 years and urinary tract infection around the same time; apart from this he had no history of any other major illness in the past. His sister suffered from allergy to eggs and there was no other

His investigations before starting treatment (done in February 2006) have been summarised below:

HCV antibodies (IgG) : Positive
HBsAg : Negative
HAV antibodies (IgM) : Negative
Serum Bilirubin-Total : 1.8 mg/dl
Serum Bilirubin-Direct : 0.7 mg/dl
Serum Bilirubin-Indirect : 1.1 mg/dl
SGOT : 127 IU/L
SGPT : 291 IU/L
Serum Alkaline phosphatase : 281 IU/L
Haemoglobin : 14.1 gm/dl
Retic. Count : 0.7 %
HCV genotyping : Genotype 3
HCV quantitative (Real time) : 1,04,129 copies/ml

Ultrasonography- Abdomen and Pelvis : Parenchymal calcification in the right lobe of the liver measuring about 6.3 mm. No other USG abnormality noted.

Based on the above case history and investigations, he was prescribed the relevant medicines for Hepatitis C. He continued treatment regularly at the end of about 7 months of treatment i.e. in September 2006 his viral load was rechecked. This time the level of the viral load in his blood had dropped to below detectable levels. He was very glad at this quick recovery without the use of any other medications which have harmful side-effects. He also was able to avoid the use of interferon yet achieve such good results within a short span of time.

This case illustrates that conditions such as Hepatitis C can very well be treated with Homeopathy with good success and the treatment offers them good results in an absolutely safe manner without any side-effects whatsoever.

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