A young girl suffering from chronic Lichen Planus (LP) got complete relief with homeopathy.

Miss. R.D.S (Patient Identification Number 16766) visited Life Force on 23rd August 2011 for the complaint of Lichen Planus. She was suffering from LP since the last 7 years.

Initially, it was treated with allopathic medicines for 5-6 years. She got relief with allopathic medicines and she stopped those medicines one year ago. However, her LP was increasing since last one year after stopping allopathy.

She was having hyperpigmented lesions of LP, along with several active purplish lesions, almost all over the body, more on the hands, legs and the abdomen. Itching was severe. Her itching would increase in the warm weather and at night. She was frustrated with taking medicines for such a long period and still her LP was not getting better.

She searched on the internet for an alternative mode of treatment and came across Dr. Rajesh Shah's website about LP.

She had a family history of Diabetes Mellitus. Her paternal grandfather was suffering from Diabetes Mellitus.

She had good appetite. She was fond of sweets. Thirst, perspiration and bowel habits were normal. She was more tolerant to cold weather. Sleep would sometimes get disturbed due to itching.

Ms. R.D.S was staying in a nuclear family with her parents and siblings. She was sensitive by nature; would get hurt easily. She would never express her emotions. She had cordial relations with parents and siblings. She would take time to mix with others. She had academic loss during her school time. She started developing LP after that.

Her case details were studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and her constitutional medicine along with research-based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. On 13th October 2011, she gave her first feedback. There was not much change in her LP. The itching was still the same. The spread of LP had stopped. She did not have any new lesions of LP in those 2 months. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

She gave her the next feedback on 15th December 2011. There was a 20-30% improvement in her LP. The itching was better by 20-30%. Active lesions of LP started flattening. The itching was more on legs. Her sleep was still disturbed due to itching on legs. Dr Shah systematically enhanced her dose.

On 19th February 2012, she reported 50% improvement in her LP. Itching had reduced by 50%. Her sleep had improved. There were only hyperpigmented lesions on legs and abdomen.

By 3rd May 2012, she had recovered upto 95% in her Lichen Planus. She was very happy with such a smooth and gentle recovery.

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